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  1. wrdcc01

    W123 window switches

    Is the 123 too early for a comfort module? If it has one then it's very easy for a button to do a full roll up or down of the windows. The alternative is a window module for an aftermarket alarm system which you can use as a stand alone. Easy wiring as it just intercepts the power feed to all...
  2. wrdcc01

    hi everyone i hope you can help i have a ml320cdi 07 year and it has a canbus fault i have got it down to the pair of canbus wires that go to the tcu

    Have you disconnected the module or are you testing into it? The module is just above the footwell on the side of the heater A/C box.
  3. wrdcc01

    W123 window switches

    The cheap copy switches are crap so avoid them. I don't think these things are handed as such. The units are identical except for the child lock button in the middle so it's up to you which side you put it.
  4. wrdcc01

    Wheel sensor issue?

    First off, overnight charge the battery. See what you get on the scanner after a short test drive. If you still get a front wheel sensor fault then it is an easy DIY job with the sensor costing around £50. Jack the car up at the front, remove wheel and liner, pull sensor plug from the body...
  5. wrdcc01

    Headlamp washer pump

    If it's coming out of the headlamp unit, it's a breather to reduce condensation. Nothing to worry about. If its coming from the washer bottle then it's to the headlamp washer jet. washer.
  6. wrdcc01

    W140 93 mdl 300se This is a Russian site showing USA Mitchells diagrams.
  7. wrdcc01

    W124 cuts off while driving?

    Does the fuel and oil gauge go off when it cuts out? Does the ABS light flicker or come on now and again? If it restarts after a while it's worth assuming something is breaking down with the heat and the most likely component is the cam sensor. Get a tin of freezer spray or compressed air and...
  8. wrdcc01

    124 ignition barrel / tumbler removal (key won't turn)

    I've had my 124 stolen twice over the years and both times I got it back with a broken ignition lock. there was no scratch, cut or impact damage or markings but the lock rotated freely without a key and the steering lock peg was sheared off. I guess the steering wheel had enough movement to...
  9. wrdcc01

    W124 cutting off k reg 1993

    Could be a coil breaking down under load and or wiring breaking down. Are you getting a misfire?
  10. wrdcc01

    W124 200 radiator

    One option would be the stock e280/320 A/C radiator but you would need to get the two extended support brackets welded in and obtain the correct plastic fan cowl and side blanks. Maybe just add the A/C fans and run them through a standalone thermostat.
  11. wrdcc01

    I am Looking for Dash bulbs...for w124

    You can get 286 LEDs in orange or yellow and dimmed down they look good.
  12. wrdcc01

    I am Looking for Dash bulbs...for w124

    Rob you might be better off with LED lamps for the main cluster lighting as they won't make the distortion of the plastic lenses any worse due to the heat of the original lamps. Also nice and bright.
  13. wrdcc01

    W124 1996 Coupe Glove box?

    Hi David, the passenger airbag replaced the glove box on the later cars and was replaced with the additional center box.
  14. wrdcc01

    W220 S500 blowing 15A fuse, faulty central locking/command!

    Wish I still had 220 wiring diagrams. This is odd since you've identified correctly all the other circuits running through fuse 62 and the locking working without the remote. The rear SAM controls the remote receiver system so the problem is likely there. Don't suppose you have a spare one to...
  15. wrdcc01

    A124 E320 Drive shaft boots

    Any of the above will do. Out of those I'd prefer Bilstein.
  16. wrdcc01

    W124 1994 280e where is the fuel relay

    See if you can get any blink codes from the diagnostic connector. Could be ECU, crank or cam sensor. Check all the fuses, remove and clean the holders with a bit of emery cloth.
  17. wrdcc01

    W124 1994 280e where is the fuel relay

    Short 30 and 87
  18. wrdcc01

    W124 boot lock

    If you heard it click to release it may just be a really sticky seal holding the lid down. Give it a really hard tug. Most likely the key position though.
  19. wrdcc01

    Turns over but doesn't start

    Agree with above. Crank sensor breaking down when hot. Try proving the fault by spraying the sensor with freezer spray or compressed air when the car is not starting and see if that gets it going again.
  20. wrdcc01

    W124 Odometer stopped

    If you fancy pulling the cluster out, it may just be the cable has come unscrewed a little. It has to be fully in and tight, even slightly loose and it may not engage. There is also the chance that the gear wheel inside the speedo is slipping on the input shaft which is not uncommon and easily...
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