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  1. Kinky

    Disable or Disconnect Cruise Control

    Does anyone know how to disconnect or disable the cruise control (tempomat) in a W201? Mine stuck on full throttle tonight, and scared the pants off me :eek: Ended up with smoking brakes and an engine that (in neutral) was going to rev itself to destruction. No idea why it would do it...
  2. Kinky

    Eunos Roadster 1.8i VR-A

    For sale is a 1996 1.8i Eunos Roadster VR-A (full name is VR-Limited Combination 'A') limited edition japanese import (one of only 700 made). I purchased this on the 19th of March 2007, from a local dealer who had purchased this car specifically for his daughter. The standard spec includes: *...
  3. Kinky

    Kinky for US President

    OK OK - my secret is out ...... Looks like I'll be busy over the coming few years. You have to watch the video. And I should stress that the 2 grannies are not related to me
  4. Kinky

    Sebmbcgtg Ii

    Well, it's that time again ..... for the Bi-annual South East Berkshire MB Club GTG (SEBMBCGTG). Can you believe it's nearly 2 years to the very day since the inaugral GTG? Where has the time gone! Top topics at the last meeting were knitting, crocodile wrestling, chochet, baby sitting, naked...
  5. Kinky

    What Stereo?

    Apologies in advance for ICE numptyness ...... I'm after a new stereo for the KinkyBus. I'm specifically after an all-in-one multi-play unit - ie - the stereo itself holds more than 1 CD (like the Ford stereo which holds 6 CDs). It can be a double-din unit as I have the room to fit it...
  6. Kinky

    Pammy - you causing trouble again?,,50001-1201359,00.html
  7. Kinky

    PhotoFit Yourself

    Found on PH ..... much much fun ..... I'm too embarassed to post my own pic here :eek: K
  8. Kinky

    Friday evening fun ....

    Such a bad day at work, I thought I'd post this to cheer everyone up as it did me .... I don't know if these are really true - but still made me chuckle .... Excerpts from actual letters sent to landlords The toilet is blocked and we cannot bathe the children until it is cleared. I...
  9. Kinky

    Out of the office

    I'd be so so tempted to use some of these as my 'out of office' auto-reply ..... 1. I am currently out at a job interview and will reply to you if I fail to get the position. Be prepared for my mood. 2. You are receiving this automatic notification because I am out of the office. If I...
  10. Kinky

    Be a Rock Star Manager

    Online and VERY addictive game :rock: Suffice to say - Kinky Hippos on Heat are going to ROCK the World :rock: Warning: addictive. Rock Star Manager K
  11. Kinky

    Car Insurance with Privilege

    Just doing the annual process that is the insurance renewal. Tesco (current insurer have quoted me £320) for another year - so off I went, trawling through all the usual suspects - and I'm getting a pretty consistent quote of approx £312 or thereabouts. Having seen the lovely Joanna Lumley...
  12. Kinky

    Donkey Does F1

    This is absolutely hilarious :rock: K
  13. Kinky

    Clumber Park GTG

    Just a quick note to wish everyone who is going this weekend to have a great weekend, and I hope/pray the weather holds for you all. I honestly and truly wish I could be there - but I've got the Italian Brooklands bash tomorrow and need to prepare. Mind you - having said that .... the...
  14. Kinky

    MPG & Costs ...

    Just worked out my latest running costs, etc .... Since April 2003 .... I've averaged 25.33 MPG A total of 20,045 miles 3,499 Litres of petrol 769.84 gallons Average cost of 78p a litre Total cost of £2,704.02p Actual cost to me - £1,089.61 5.73 miles per litre 10.85 litres per...
  15. Kinky

    The gospel of the colour is spreading

    Looks like the colour gospel is spreading, which I can only put down to the quality work of our very own Lord Walker III :bannana: [Taken from Pistonheads] What is it with all these Silver / Grey BORING cars! I counted 100+ on the M4 yesterday between J12 and J13 whilst going the...
  16. Kinky

    1mb ADSL Update

    As promised, BT upgraded my ADSL from 512k to 1mb today :rock: I must confess it's not a noticable difference. I ran some tests to check, it was all working, which all look pretty good - results as follows: Direction: Downstream Actual Speed: 937 Kbps (117.1 KB/sec) True Speed...
  17. Kinky

    Electric Kinky !!!!

    2 things happened to me today .... 1. I GOT PROMOTED! 2. A really spooky thing happened this evening. For the past few days I've been manually locking the car as I need a new battery/fob for my remote locking/alarm. I walked to the kinkmobile in the car park at work. When I was about...
  18. Kinky

    Pammy - mate of yours? Headline: Spoof camera fools law-breaking drivers K
  19. Kinky

    Fancy a cheap AM ?
  20. Kinky

    Drive the car out of the maze ....

    Found over on PistonHeads - Easy to work out .... not as easy as it looks though !
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