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  1. KLP 92

    SEC AMG For sale

    The time has come to part with my beloved SEC. Work commitments and family circumstances have resulted in the car not being driven at all in the past year, and only 500 miles the year before so time it goes to someone that will treasure it as much as i have. Open to serious offers. Some...
  2. KLP 92

    W211 sideskirts the same on facelift/prefacelift?

    As above, any info will be appreciated.
  3. KLP 92

    Brabus D6 III installation help

    I have a Brabus D6 (III) that i want to install on my E320 CDI V6. Removed from a friends car via a garage before sale, unfortunately i don't have the instructions to fit. Can anyone advise where the wires are meant to go or does someone have a copy of the installation manual i could borrow...
  4. KLP 92

    Problems after wheel alignment

    I had my wheel alignment done on my W211 E Class due to excessive wear on the inside edge of the front tyres. I had 2 camber adjustment bolts installed and 4 wheel alignment done. After collecting the car i noticed that the steeering wheel position was off centre. if i drive on a motorway the...
  5. KLP 92

    W209 CLK comand problems after retrofit

    I've just retrofitted comand into my CLk2006 CLK320 CDI. I installed Comand part number: A2098207289 I installed AUX lead: A 169 540 49 08. The 2 problems i have is that when i listen a radio station and switch the car off, when i get back into the car later it will play a CD in the...
  6. KLP 92

    W210 Front wings, pair brand new OEM parts.

    I have a pair of facelift W210 front wings. Brand new MB parts, in black primer. Bought for a previous rust bucket of mine, rest of the car fell apart before i got round to fitting them :D Bargain price of £110 for the pair. Pm if interested.
  7. KLP 92

    My W124 Works experience

    It is great regret that i have been forced to put this post up regarding some sub-standard work carried by Ian B Walker of W124 Works on my SEC. My water pump pulley had failed resulting in the viscous coupling fan shooting through the radiator, resulting in me requiring a new water pump...
  8. KLP 92

    Poor MPG E320 CDI W210

    I've had a feeling that my MPG wasn't brilliant on my 320 CDI since i bought the car a few months back. I had a few things changed as the car was running badly when i purchased it: MAS EGR Valve Air filter Diesel filter Diesel lines 2 injectors Turbo + actuator New exhasut, no cats...
  9. KLP 92

    MB Colindale Bodywork service- my rant!!

    My rant! I recently acquired a E320 CDI W210 2002 estate which had the usual rust. I sent the car for an inspection to MB Colindale who subsequently agreed to repair the rust on the rear 3/4 panels, bootlid and door tops/bottoms. The car was sent by MB Colindale to M&A Coachworks, their...
  10. KLP 92

    CDI Cat removal

    Has anyone successfully managed to remove the first cat behind the turbo on their CDIs? I have a W210 E320 CDI and i believe the first cat to be blocked. The air filter box goes to red, the car doesn't rev past 2100 revs and i get a whistling air sound. All pipes and hose are intact, and when...
  11. KLP 92

    My old car Not on ebay, but on a trade site in Dublin. Nice to see the car still well kept some 4-5 years later! Everything looks the same apart from the weedy tailpipe!
  12. KLP 92

    W210 self levelling height adjustment

    Does anyone know how to adjust the self levelling ride height on a W210 estate? Put shorter springs in the back and the self levelling brings the car back up to the normal height pre lowering, 2 inches above the tyre :eek: Any help/diagrams will be appreciated
  13. KLP 92

    My AMG SEC - updated pics

    I thought its been a while since i've updated the pics on my SEC in the Memeber's gallery: Winter wheels: My lovely interior:
  14. KLP 92

    AMG S Class 18" AMG Alloy wheels

    Fully refurbished and in new condition:
  15. KLP 92

    Remus W203 rear sports silnecer

    I have a Remus exhaust for a W203 C CLass: Lierally as new.
  16. KLP 92

    Attempted theft of the SEC

    I was working on the car quite late last night fixing the misfire problem. By the time i finished it was close to midnight so i didn't bother putting the car in the garage, as i wanted to take it back up first thing in the morning. At 3am i heard a noise outside, i'm normally a heavy sleeper...
  17. KLP 92

    BEWARE AMG alloys on ebay

    Just thought i'd give you guys a heads up on buying wheels on ebay. There are a number of sellers selling AMG wheels like the link below:
  18. KLP 92

    Engine Compression questions - running high compression + engine misfire

    I have a 560 SEC with 102k on the clock. I had the head rebuilt on it 6-12 months ago, 500 miles ago precisely due to a few running issues. Well i've developed a misfire in the car (yet again!!) so decided to have the compression checked on it. The reading as as follows, from the front of...
  19. KLP 92

    18" Carlsson Alloys - £450

    I have a set of Carlsson alloys for sale: These wheels have been professionally refurbed to the highest standard at cost of £250. They were sandblasted, any imperfection removed and fully powder coated in a ultra high powered silver back to NEW condition. They have not been...
  20. KLP 92

    Starting issues on a E270 CDI

    My cousin has purchased a 2003 E270 CDI with 98k on the clock. The car suffers from a strange problem with regards to starting. When the car is cold the car starts in the normal amount of time, approx 1-2 secs of engine crank. The problem arises after the car has been driven for a while...
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