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    Some strange goings on

    Is it not listed on the fuse box diagram sheet?
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    C300h w205 2016 Electrical fire in boot

    You are correct it was the compressor. The cable you looked at is the main earth from the battery.
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    Easy Entry/Exit problem

    My 2017 c300h had EEE but it only ever moved the steering wheel.
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    What should I have in my boot?

    My C300h never came with a spare wheel or anywhere to put one. It came with the compressor and sealant. If runflats are fitted then neither are supplied.
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    What should I have in my boot?

    If you have run flats then there will not be any tyre foam etc. If you have normal tyres then there should be a compressor and tyre foam in separate compartments as the the compressor can be used on it's own. My 2017 C300h also came with a first aid kit, warning triangle and two hivis vests...
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    Artico repair

    A vehicle retrimmer would be the best option. But being Artico it may not be a simple repair. Maybe try a Mercedes specialist breakers for a replacement seat.
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    The £24 cards do not include live traffic. The £99 one from the dealer includes three years live traffic.
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    Adblue confusion

    My MPG hasn't changed since the update two weeks ago. In fact I've done about 30 miles in total.
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    Adblue confusion

    I recently had the dreaded adblue issue. After a reset and and software update my adblue range has gone from 16000 miles to 7000 miles on a full tank. Will be phoning dealer tomorrow to see what they say, may be time to say good bye and get a petrol.
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    C300h Reverse Camera not loading

    Have you tested for power at the camera when trying the open flap or selecting reverse? Seems strange it will open with diagnostics test but no other time. Could be a module needs reseting.
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    Code reader

    Generic code readers have less info than dedicated ones. Also the iCarsoft can read more modules and you get free updates for life.
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    Self charging hybrid c 300 h

    My C300h is 31/2 yrs old and I love it. Putting the reg into Mercedes website with regard to P/X they offered £16500 so forecourt would be around £19000. But mine is the AMG line premium so it may add a bit more value. 43000 miles. The hybrid side is not really worth the hassle but i do get the...
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    Mercedes-Benz Dashcam app

    I didn't know Mercedes installed dash cams.
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    Excellent Keyfob Batteries VARTA Bargain!

    Both of my fob batteries were replaced when it went in for service at main dealer under service plan.
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    How do we open boot lid inside the car?

    Use to decode the vin. I think that was an option if you had the electric open/close and convenience package.
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    Vito 2006 wipers not working

    Hi, this thread is for electric vehicles only. You need to post in the relevant thread which is electronics and audio.
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    How much and where?

    Do you have the navigation and live traffic options installed? Live traffic should be for 3 years. if you bought the car used without the SD card then try Mercedes of Newcastle upon Tyne, I got my update SD card from them for £99 via their Ebay shop. Also try other dealers like Oxford and Reading.
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    Garmin map pilot live updates

    It's normally done via a new SD card with new maps. Mercedes sell the card for £99 with 3yrs live traffic and the latest maps. Contact your local dealer for the information.
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    Radio Code for Audio 20

    No code required for the audio 20 in my 2017 c300 either.
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    Self charging hybrid c 300 h

    They stopped making them in 2018. That's why they are no longer listed. This will give you plenty of info though.
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