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    Pile of bird guano with a Mercedes underneath.

    Needs a bit of a clean. Nice interior though.
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    Aftermarket HID or LED headlight kits now an MOT fail on cars 1986 onwards.

    OE Halogen headlight to aftermarket HID or LED now an MOT fail.
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    Matthewsons auctions 19th & 20th March.

    Great selection of interesting old motors at next weekends auction in Pickering North Yorkshire. Plenty of old Mercs as ever and even an Opel Manta GTE, cannot remember the last time i saw one of those in the flesh.
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    W126 380sel with nice velour rear interior.

    This looks like a nice old thing and judging by the lack of wear on the steering wheel and seats has not been to the moon and back. Steels with wheel trims, rear buckets and foot rests - nice.
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    Bosch Mercedes sealed beam headlamps 1977. NOS

    Spotted these on old NOS headlamps on ebay. Part number is 0008263199 which shows on Peachparts as an original Mercedes Bosch part they sell for $350 each so may be of use to someone with a 70's car...
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    w210 320 cdi om613 crankshaft position sensor is stuck. Any top tips for removal?

    Does anyone have any top tips for removing this sensor? Have removed the bolt and attempted to wiggle sensor free but only succeded in breaking off the plastic bit at the top.
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    w201 320cdi cranshaft position sensor replacement. What size socket?

    Sorry meant w210 crankshaft position sensor. Does anyone know the socket size needed to remove the crankshaft position sensor on an s210 320 cdi om613. Am i correct in thinking access if from the passenger side engine bay, back of engine bellhousing area.
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    w201 190e 2.3-16 with an Evo 1 bodykit.

    Nice looking valver Evo 1 replica. So much nicer than the Evo 2's rather obvious bodykit imho. MERCEDES COSWORTH EVO 1 2 AMG SL SEC | eBay
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    This looks a lovely honest old car. Beige with a brown leather interior. Very nice. Jimmy Tarbuck obviously had great taste in cars back in the 1980's...
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    Mercedes SLS AMG fluid change

    SLS AMG engine oil change, gearbox oil change & gearbox hydraulic fluid change by Hoovies Garage.
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    £330,000 Jensen Interceptor FF. Harrys garage

    What a car.
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    Passat W8

    Not a Mercedes but so rare it may be of interest to some. 2002 Passat W8 4.0 V8 4wd. Q car.
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    w201 detailing video

    Good transformation of a w201.
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    s211 e500's on ebay

    Couple of V8 estates on ebay. One high mileage the other low mileage.
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    Mint looking S210 320cdi estate on ebay.

    Seems to be fetching good money as well.
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    w108 280se california car

    This looks like a lovely old car and the price seems reasonable if it is rust free. Mercedes 280 se w108 1969 4 door classic W108 LHD original | eBay
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    s210 Brabus D6

    Rather a rare old beast...
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    S210 rear sls suspension pipework replaced. Staiths Garage, Gateshead, Newcastle indie recommendation.

    Due to a leak just had Staiths Garage in Dunston Gateshead replace all the SLS pipework on my S210. A job every other non Mercedes specialist garage i went to did not want to do. Great service as ever from Staiths Garage and at a reasonable price. Recommended.
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    Bristol Cars Liquidation sale.

    Bristol cars assets are being sold off due to the company being liquidated. Some interesting things for sale from complete cars, wooden bucks, tools and even the famous neon Bristol cars sign from outside the London hq. Sad times...
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    Mustie1 on Youtube builds a 4 post lifer that is moveable.

    Thought this would be of interest to the DIY'ers on here. Great bit of kit this 4 post lift that does not need to be attached to the floor. Brilliant if you need flexibility in positioning in your garage. In the video Mustie builds it up from scratch.
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