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    Broken drive shaft on W201

    Two questions I need answers for please: 1: I am trying to remove the flange bolts that hold the drive shaft to the diff. A T50 Torx bit is a poor fit and has slipped. A T55 torx bit is way too big. What should I be using? 2: I am struggling to find a replacement. So far my options are...
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    Ceramic catalytic converter or Metal catalytic converter

    Hey, I've just been looking at the price of catalytic converters for my 190E 2.0. Cats Direct offer these two choices for my car: Ceramic catalytic converter £89.14 + vat Metal catalytic converter £242.39 + vat Do they do the same job? If they do, why would anyone go for metal...
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    LPG on a 190E. Anyone done it? Is it successful?

    If anyone has recently fitted LPG to their 190E 2.0 I'd be very interested to know how you got on, where you got the parts and if you're pleased with the result. Thanks, Rullingen.
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    W124 specifications

    Can someone give me a link please to specifications for all W124 models? Thanks. Rob.
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