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    7g tronic fault diagnosis

    This may be useful to some. Unable to upload the pdf.
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    Possible Audio 20 issue

    I have the Audio 20 system with navigation in my 2017 c300h. The problem I seem to have is that when I untick the box for Traffic announcements in the options for the radio after a couple of days it will come back on of it's own accord. Does anyone else have this issue?
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    Garmin map pilot update

    I switched on the sat nav in my car today, first time in a few weeks. It now shows the speed limit for the road I am on. It never did this before. I have the Audio 20 with the Garmin map pilot on SD card. Any one else have this suddenly show up?
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    Panoramic roof operation

    I spoke to Mercedes customer service with regards to the operation of the panoramic roof. You can open and close it at speeds up to 30mph 50kph. Once open no speed restrictions. I asked this question as mine went out of adjustment and needed a visit to Mercedes to be put right, fortunately under...
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    mbux help

    Can any tell me what this actually is as I have Audio20. 355 Extended MBUX Functions
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    VIN decoder option help

    I have a 2017 C300h with the following listed. VL Left Front Axle Half VR Right Front Axle Half Any one able to tell me what this means as I believe mine is rear wheel drive only. Internet searches only bring up options for the 4matic system.
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    Full data card

    Is anyone able to get me a copy of the full data card for my c300h?
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    USA steering bolt recall

    I wonder if this will make to this side of the pond. Covers various models between 2014 and 2017.
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    Mercedes apps

    I have a 2017 C300h with the Audio 20 system. The issue I have is with the Mercedes apps, sometimes the Internet radio, weather and additional poi apps will work and at other times they will not. The system uses my iPhone for tethering. Mercedes me and my local dealer have told me that the C...
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    Mercedes employee

    Does any one in the group work for Mercedes? I am trying to find out some facts and figures for my 2017 C300h. I can supply reg and vin.
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    Mercedes of Reading

    Today I took my car in to Mercedes Reading with their new building. It was a nice experience in that I drove in to a covered area where I was met by a concierge and my details taken, as I drove in there was a small speed bump with sensors to measure the tyre depth. There was a list by the...
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    Engineering mode

    What changes can be made using engineering mode on Mercedes w205 audio 20?
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    Mercedes Apps

    I have just been informed by Mercedes that all the apps on the Audio 20 unit have been taken off air until further notice. I found this out after trying to connect and it kept saying my phone was offline. This may also effect the command system.
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    Audio 20 slow responding to button presses

    I have a 2017 C300 H and the the audio 20 system is very slow responding to button presses or screen selections. Is there a way of making things a little faster? I have come from a BMW with iDrive and that was very fast at responding to buttons screen selections.
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    Active park assist help

    I think i have an issue with the active park assist on my 2017 C300H. When passing a suitable space on the passenger side I get the option to use the active park assist and it works fine. However if the space is on the drivers side I get no option to use it. Is this a fault or am I not doing...
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    New owner questions

    I have just purchased a 2017 C300 H estate. Can anyone tell me where the the 12v battery is located and also the fuse boxes. I have looked in the online user manual and the onboard manual but neither were any help.
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