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    Cls55 spark plugs

    Hi guys. My cls55 is due a service and was just wondering what plugs people use when you have a modified m113k engine. I haven’t checked what plugs are already fitted, don’t know if people go colder or just stay with standard rated plugs. Car is running 585hp/620tq Smaller supercharger pulley...
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    Cls55 amg active headlights

    Recently had my battery disconnected to recharge it as the car had been parked up with a falled sbc pump. After reconnecting the battery I'm now getting a message on the dash saying "active lighting system display faulty". Car is a 2005 cls55 amg with the active headlights option. Is their a...
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    Fault code c2359 can it be cleared?

    I recently had SBC problems with my cls55 amg. my original pump had an internal fault so I sourced a pump with the same part no. As my own and the said pump had been "reconditioned" with the counter set to 0. After spending hours fitting the new pump and bleeding the system I was getting the...
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    SBC pump rebuild

    Hi guys. Just recently my cls55 amg's SBC starting giving trouble. I searched on here for similar issues but couldn't find an answer. Getting the red warning on the dash. I purchased a second hand Mercedes star c3 and pulled the codes which are: C23CE unit A7/3 internal fault ( traction system...
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    New member from Ireland

    Hi guys. Looking here with a while but just recently signed up. Based in county cork in Ireland and recently purchased a 2005 cls55 AMG from the uk as they are very hard got over here. My first Mercedes, previous car was an e60 m5 but that doesn't compare power wise to the AMG. Dyno print out of...
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