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    2004 C class bulkhead drains

    What's the preferred method of cleaning the drains, I've pulled out what debris I can, is a carefully aimed hose pipe the way to go or a wire coat hanger or something else?
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    [SOLD] Mercedes C270 cdi 2002 Auto Avantgarde estate for sale

    Mercedes C270 cdi 2002 Auto Avantgarde estate 137000 miles. First the good bits, MOT until Feb 17th 2021 with no advisories, good engine and gearbox has been faultless for the two years and 24000 miles I've owned it. Heated leather memory driver and passenger seats electric adjustable steering...
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    New key fob.

    I've just bought a 2004 C class estate, it only came with one key fob, what sort of price might I be looking at to get another sorted. Can a key fob from another C class be programmed to work?
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    Code reader

    Can anyone recommend a cheap code reader that will be compatible with my old C270 cdi 2002. Thanks in advance.
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    2002 C270 power steering pump.

    Morning all, on the drive home from work yesterday an odd noise started, whining going up and down with engine speed. When I get home and have to maneuver the car forward and reverse to get into my parking space it's obvious the power steering has gone. A quick check on line for a new pump...
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    S203 interiors

    Dear C Class guru's, can anyone tell me if the S203 2002 interior is the same in the 2005 model. I need a rear seat backrest and I can get a 2005 version, which from the photo's looks exactly the same as my 2002. Cheers John.
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    Wildly Optimistic

    The computer based fuel consumption on my C270 cdi. I always fill up to the top and note the mileage which then gets added to a fuel tracking site called . For an example the last fill up the car said 51.7 when it was actually 43.7 is there a hidden menu where you can adjust the...
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    What does your indie charge?

    As the title says really, what hourly rates do your independent Merc mechanics charge? And on the back of that how many hours to replace a water cooled alternator and a thermostat on a C270 2002?
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    C270 estate washers

    My new to me 2002 C270 estate has headlight washers and as it's an estate rear washer, neither of these are working. Am I correct in thinking all three washer pumps are the same? For diagnosis can I swap the working pump/connector with a non working one to see where the issue lies. I strongly...
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    C270 CDI 2002 Autobox issue

    All, two weeks into ownership and had a EPC warning it was a steering angle sensor needed initialising, diagnosed by STAR. Then BAS and ESP lights both at the same time this happened a couple of times each time the error disappeared after an ignition reset. Now I'm getting the car jump out of...
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    Identify the part please.

    As the title says. Newly acquired C270cdi estate, opened bonnet to check fluids and this box of tricks is loose (see photo). There are two screws that appear to have held it in once, but the aperture it's sticking out of appears home made. There is an unreadable barcode and the digits R18057 on...
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    E320 cdi W211

    All, Does anyone know if the E320 cdi W211 2005 is fitted with an anti siphon device on the fuel tank. I filled the car up to the brim and 10 miles later the gearbox let go and I want to retrieve 80 litres of Diesel before if goes away. The piece of tubing I'm using goes down the filler about...
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    Can you copy sat nav disk?

    As the title says. I bought an E320 which has command nav, sadly within a short while of ownership the gearbox has failed and the car is being returned to the dealer. I've sourced another car but it appears the sat nav disk is missing, so can I copy my current one and insert the copy into the...
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    Sat nav updates

    My recently acquired E320 cdi 2005, does not take the full postcode and on a drive today there were three places where the car thought I was off road. Is updating the Sat nav as simple as obtaining a more up to date dvd or is the upgrade done via the head unit?
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    Have I bought a lemon?

    E320 CDI 2005 120k, picked it up last Saturday it's got a "battery protection" message keeps coming up, there is a pump/compressor noise from behind the dash to the right of the steering wheel area which I don't suppose I should be able to hear, and now the gearbox has done something odd, feels...
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    Pairing android phone

    Hello All, Just picked up a E class 320cdi 2005 that has command system and I can pair both of my android phones, they each say connected very briefly then go "not connected" am I doing something wrong? PS be gentle with me I'm new to Mercs.
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    E320 cdi noobie questions.

    Hello All, About to take delivery of a 2005 E320 cdi. I assume there is a hidden menu somewhere, how is it accessed? Does the 7G tronic gearbox need an oil and filter change every 40k? Are there any know big issues this this model? Finally for now, any good Mercedes specialists in the...
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