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    How to change oil, w203 220cdi

    HI im going to take the plunge and change the oil on the car myself but im not entirley sure how to do it, ie. what precautions i should take. Is there a step by step guide anywhere or could someone point me in the right direction with pitures? All help greatley appreciated.
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    Favourite Car Air Freshner

    Up at this early hour bored and im going to bare the cold in the morning to clean the inside of the car. My car is filthy due to the fact i have 2 children who seem to think the rear of my car is storage for their toys, leftover food and general rubbish so i want to make my car smell nice once i...
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    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Let me be the first to say to everyone have a fantastic day! The prezzies are all wrapped, sorry....Santa has been and gone and left behind lots of gifts!!! Merry Christmas :bannana: !!!
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    Im FREEZING and my cars making weird noises!

    Now that the cold has set in my Air Con has started playing up. There is a strange sound coming from the passenger side of the dash when i increase the speed of the air flow. It is a rumbling sound and to describe it better it sounds like the Fan that blows the air is actually loose or...
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    Help Needed with LED bulbs

    Ok, so i went out and got myself a set of LED sidelights to go beside my Xenon headlights because i hate the orange look of the original sidelights. I also got 2 Festoon shape bulbs with white LED's for the illumination of the rear number plate as one of those had blown so i thought the LED's...
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    Heavy Steering

    I drove another c class a few days ago and the steering was so light compared to mine i now believe a there must be a fault with mine. I have checked the power steering fluid levels (both while warm and cold) and they are fine. Any other things i should check or ways i can fix this?
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    Engine Belt Fraying

    :eek: I was driving the car last night and i heard a light clicking noise, it sounded like a big stone was stuck in the tread of one of my tyres. But when i inspected it was actually coming from the engine bay. Opened the bonnet and noticed that the belt at the front of the engine connected...
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    Cleaning MAS/MAF

    Ok, so i took the MAS out of my car today to clean it because ive been intermitintly loosing power like the car has gone into limp mode. (car is 2002 C220 Cdi) I disconnected it to begin with and then drove the car and it went into limp mode as soon as i started the car, so i thought if i...
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    Considering S-Class

    I was thinking of changing my car for an S-Class but as i like to when changing car i would like to know (apart from fuel consumption:D ) what are the general problems associated with these lovely cars, and what engine size and trim should i go for. For obvious reasons they are coming down in...
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    Fuse Layouts

    Where could i get a sort of map of the fuses of my 02 w203, i have no handbook. The fuse im looking for is actually the ciggy lighter fuse, i think its blown because my phone charger aint working anymore in my car.
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    power source in boot

    Is there a convenient place in the boot that i can use as a power source for a dvd player, preferably that would switch off when the ignition is not in use?
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    It Lives in my Boot

    The interior light that is supposed to illuminate when u open the boot lid fails to do so. I replaced the bulb, but it still does not illuminate, mabye there is no power getting to it after Is there a fuse for this (i dont have a manual) If not, where do i look to rectify this...
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    DVD Player >

    I have a w203 with the audio 10 installed but i have a gap underneath that is left where command is able to fill. I was wondering could i install an aftermarket flip out dvd player in this slot, without having to remove the audio 10 unit so that i can use it for audio and the screen for dvds...
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    Electric Drivers Seat

    Having problems with the drivers seat in my C220 cdi, 2002. The fuse in the boot for the seat keeps blowing whenever i try to move any of the electronic positions. I have been told that this is a common problem as wiring for the seat rubs somewhere and shorts, but thats the extent of my...
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    Possible fraud?

    Just a query, Im selling a phone on ebay and its only worth about 20 quid. I recieved an e-mail from someone thats wants to purchase it.... Dear seller, I'm interested in immediate purchase of your item.Can i offer you £130.00 GBP for the item and for the shipping cost?,I'm paying this...
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    Has anyone seen this before. Im not sure what it is showing you because its in spanish i think but its interesting. Theres also one to reset the assyst service reminder time. Didint know you could do that. Menu Mod...
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    Front Passenger Airbag

    Am i missing something or is there no way to turn the front passenger airbag off in the w203? Ive heard of a mercedes baby seat carrying a code to electronically turn it off but is this true and if i dont have an official Mercedes seat, can i turn it off so that i can carry my child in the...
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    OMG, has someone actually made this?

    I got an email today subject "the new Benz" Opened it with a note of excitement......
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    How to remove front bumper w203

    After searching for a while trying to find out how to remove the bumper so that i could fit my new intercooler i discovered there was no real step-by-step guide as such available to show us how to do this. Thanks to Television i got a "guide" and decided to make an easier version while i was...
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    In dash screen

    I have a 7inch tv/monitor and i was wondering, after seeing a c class with one in the dash where the head unit usually is, (this was not a command unit it was just a screen like i have) and hooked up to it were a dvd player and a sat nav. it looked good but i dont know what would be entailled...
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