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    Benz On The Green 2020 REGISTRATION OPEN!

    01: BigUn 02: Ringway 03: Charlieturbo31 04: Daveenty 05: C43AMG 06: Doodle 07: jaymanek (mercland) 08: sjmaxwell 09: Andy27168 10: Skd884 11: d w124 12: togthecat 13: sirius9 14: vincethedog 15: Smart320 16: Andrew12 17: Betz 18: Stuart Mathieson 19: Whitenemesis 20: AMGeed 21: NRodrigues 22...
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    Benz on the green convoy?

    Ben320cdi I will be joining A27 at crossbush around 11am and going straight to the pub.
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    300 Turbo Diesel W124 conversion

    carat 3.6 did you forgot to add that your ssuperturbodiesel is running 500bhp + atw?? How is it going anyway?
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    300 Turbo Diesel W124 conversion

    Have a look on website. Plenty of what you need. Depending on what power you want to achieve I don't think there is much more you can remove from W210 and reuse in W124. Brakes not compatible and you'll need bigger ones . Maybe propshaft... Good Luck!
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    W124 facelift bonnet swap - must change lenses, too!

    hi lenses are interchangeable, don't try to shut/slum the bonnet coz you'll end up smashing the lights.
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    2000 E320 T Cdi rpm at 62 mph

    maybe previous owner changed differential for one with incorrect gear ratio? how long you had the car? was it different before? the ratio of the diff is stamped on the back of it, bottom right looking from rear of the car (ie 2,65 or 2,82....). not sure which one you should have though.
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    Benz on The Green 2017

    01. Alfie (or someone else from Comand!) 02. Charles Morgan! (Registered) 03. Vijilants (Registered) 04. C43AMG (Registered) 05. C36fan 06. The_Don 07. C240Sport97 (Registered) 08. Fatneck73 - Adrian (Registered) C63 2011 saloon. 09. merc85 - Gavin (Registered) w211 e55k 10. Bryan Allman...
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    E320 Coupe w124

    Anyone willing to take this on? Mercedes E320 coupe W124 | eBay
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    C124 e320

    few pics... engine harness and ecu repaired, new rad, viscous coupling, A/C ice cold. downside is rust and gearbox, but trying to get this sorted.
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    C124 e320

    Selling as spares or repairs, due to gearbox behaving badly after changing it. Blue with cream leather, climate control, 2 airbags, usual's. All offers considered. Pics on req.
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    W124 gearbox issue.

    really gutted, disconnected Bowden cable to find it still changes 2-3 at 3.5k, 3-4 at 4.5k??!! AFAIK it should be in 4th gear by 25mph without Bowden cable attached. kickdown is not working and E/S switch isn't making any difference. please help. what else is controlling my gearbox??
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    1987 230E alarm problem

    Can you check Inside glove box or driver side foot well area for an odd looking "ignition". I'm afraid only removing alarm will fix your problem as they're very old.
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    W124 gearbox issue.

    No ECU's for 4-speed autos. Could It be different lenght Bowden cable?
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    W124 gearbox issue.

    I had auto gearbox swaped in my 320ce for gearbox from 300-24v. the problem is change from 2-3 takes place always around 3,5k and 3-4 always around 4,5k. I tried adjusting Bowden cable with no luck, there's only little difference if anything. Also if I drive 50mph it only goes to 3rd but when...
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    PCS gtg and BENZ ON THE GREEN, May 14th 2016!

    sorry but I can't make it this year. Hope all goes well and can't wait to see pics. 01) Rashman 02) sjmaxwell 03) Andy27168 04) Flango 05) Daveenty 06) st13phil +1 07) whitenemesis 08) 09) ginger55k 10) atilio 11) Ben 320cdi 12) Richard 13) C43 AMG 14) SL300-24 15) AMGeed 16)...
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    Free W124 parts

    Hello there! is gearbox still available? If so please PM your details asap as collection possible this morning. thanks
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    clicking noise from behind dash w124

    does your heating work ok? set the temperature to minimum(until click) on both sides and report back whether you still get the clicking.
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    W124 Diavia AC or not

    diavia uses double SPAL fans at the front of radiator, condenser is made of aluminium (not steel, black like on OEM cars) if that helps.
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    W124 Diavia AC or not

    hi, I say original, on Diavia's the edge is sharp as it ha been cut. EC was used on later cars, snowflake on earlier, not sure of dates. I have a black saloon with Diavia, with EC button and it performs better than coupe with OEM. Both serviced, last year trip across Europe, 4 people in car, 30+...
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