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    Looking for Mercedes Auto Electrician near Sheffiekd

    CLK 230 Convertible 2001 My engine management light is on and I'm pretty sure it's a minor thing as the car is performing as normal for 3-4 months since coming on. Done about 500 miles in that time. Had it come on once before about 5+ years ago and then when checked it was only a minor...
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    W208 CLK Wind Deflector query

    Just a to ask if anyone has a wind deflector and knows how they install / remove. I have a 2001 CLK 230 and after buying it a few years ago I also bought the original Mercedes 208 Wind Deflector. At the weekend I fitted it for the first time. Works great and very pleased, HOWEVER, I went to...
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    Help required fitting a Kenwood DAB in A208 CLK 2001

    Hi, I've bought a Kenwood DAB to replace the standard Audio 10 with multi-changer as the CD never worked. I've got a problem with the wiring. I've changed stereo's before and normally a simple set of adapter wires are needed to connect the new to old set of wiring. On the CLK however i bought a...
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    BAS light on when press brake / Also Cruise control stopped working. Help

    Mercedes CLK 230k 2001 I've had occasional BAS fault light warning and BAS/ESP during two years owned. Today the fault light comes on each time the pedal is pressed following starting engine. No physical issues noted. On way home i've also found that the Cruise Control has stopped...
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    M.O.T Failure Problem

    I've taken my 2001 W208 CLK 230k for MOT today and it has failed on emissions too high and a dash bulb (Main beam 'tell-tale' not working. Engine management light has been on since i bought the car, but as i bought it with a full mot, done on the day i bought i thought everything should have...
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    CLK A208 Door Strap replacement

    When i bought my CLK the door strap was removed on drivers side as it had jammed / broke during previous ownership. I've had the door apart and all seems ok so now just need to source a replacement. I've looked at a few just wanted to check. Are the straps the same on the CLK A208 as the...
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    New set of tyres - Opinions!

    Ok so i'm looking to replace a full set of tyres on my CLK 230k. They are going to be mainly for summer use. The ones i've been looking at are in size 205 55 16 91V/W Pirelli Cinturato P7 Bridgestone Turanza T001 Uniroyal Rainsport 3 Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance Dunlop Sport...
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    Cluster replacement

    Just wanting some advice. My instrument cluster is faulty with the usual clock and gear selection / outside temp guage pixelated (blank). The repair seems either tricky or expensive, so i'm wondering if i can just simply replace the unit with a working used spare cluster. If so would the...
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    Auto gear change fault

    Sorry if this has been covered but i've tried looking and couldn't find it anywhere. Today my 230k CLK A208 seems to have developed a gear change fault. In short the when running through the gears with normal rev's i expect the gear change to happen at about 1800-2000 revs and drop to 1500...
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    Interior heater blower on full power and won't stop

    I used my Clk 208 for first time in 7 months today. Initially tried to use blower as windows misted slightly. No response when dial turned to 2,3,4,5 etc. After 5 minutes of driving the fan came on full power and despite altering the dial back to 4,3,2,1 off etc nothing happened. Even when the...
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    Glass cover claims

    I got a big crack from a stone, whilst driving on M1 last week and was thinking of getting windscreen changed. I've never had one replaced before in 25 years driving. I might sound a bit naive, but when you make a claim for windscreen replacement, does that affect your claim history? Does it...
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    W208 buzzing sound from air intake pipe

    Just wondering if a buzzing sound from air intake pipe is normal. When i turned ignition key to '2' i could hear a buzzing sound coming from engine. On closer inspection it appears to be coming from the air intake pipe / MAF area. Is this normal on W208 230k's? I've recently just had the battery...
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    W208 230k Gearbox Control ECU help?

    OK so i've been given some advice so far on this but as a side issue. I had the soaked footwell problem and on pulling the carpet up i found this wire tucked under the plastic trim covering the sill. It didn't appear to be connected to anything, so a very light pull revealed it to be around...
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    Mystery wire. Help?

    Hoping someone can shed some light on a wire i found today. I've had the dreaded flooded foot well on passenger side and as part of the plan to sort it out i've taken the carpet out. One thing i found though is a thin wire tucked under the trim along the door frame, towards the back of the car...
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    Windows drop two inches when door opened

    Hi just had a new fault today and wondered if anyone had any thoughts. A few things to mention. I have had car parked up for a few weeks so thought i'd charge battery overnight. Disconnected as per manual and reconnected. All ok.:D Started up fine. :D Noticed water in passenger footwell...
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    W208 Folding Roof Module 2088203026

    I need the folding roof module for a 2001 CLK 230k. It's been checked on Star and identified as part no. 2088203026. Anyone got one for sale?
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