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    what isModification ye ar 06/2

    look at at C class cabriolet what is meaning Modification year 06/2
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    E class cabriolet diesel real MPG figures

    Hi new to the forum I am looking to buy an E class cabriolet 2015 to 2016, just wondering what the real MPG figures are for both the 2.14litre and 3litre Diesel engines? Sorry if it’s been asked before Also is a rear view camera standard on any of the models? Thanks in anticipation
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    E-class E350 cabriolet history issues

    I am looking to purchase a E-class E350 cabriolet 2015 to 2016, I have found a car at a MB dealer. The only problem I have is when I researched the MOT history, it states Aug 2018 Pass 31,411 miles then the next MOT is Oct 2020 Pass but only an extra 280 miles in 2years!! I have spoke to the...
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