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    Independents around South Yorkshire?

    Needing Mercedes Auto Electrician in / near Sheffiekd to switch off Check Engine light. Anyone know any local. Mercedes want £200 and haven't found any local places. Have been to two in Sheffield and Rotherham and neither could connect their diagnostic kits to turn it off. I know some will say...
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    Looking for Mercedes Auto Electrician near Sheffiekd

    CLK 230 Convertible 2001 My engine management light is on and I'm pretty sure it's a minor thing as the car is performing as normal for 3-4 months since coming on. Done about 500 miles in that time. Had it come on once before about 5+ years ago and then when checked it was only a minor...
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    W208 CLK Wind Deflector query

    Thanks for the much appreciated advice. I did find the button was stiff but with a LOT of pressure on the button, the clamps released from the slots.
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    W208 CLK Wind Deflector query

    Just a to ask if anyone has a wind deflector and knows how they install / remove. I have a 2001 CLK 230 and after buying it a few years ago I also bought the original Mercedes 208 Wind Deflector. At the weekend I fitted it for the first time. Works great and very pleased, HOWEVER, I went to...
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    Cabrio Care

    I've used Fabsil a few times since buyin car two years ago. As said for best result paint in a cool garage or overcast dry day. The bugs and fluff love to land on a wet roof :doh: I bought a 2.5 litre can and think it'll last for 3-4 applications. I do put on two coats at a time though and keep...
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    clk 230 kompressor fault lights on

    Had my 230k for two years now. Had all those faults and initially they all frightened the crap out of me as the Mercedes systems are / were new to me. Just done a brake switch today as the ABS / BAS light was on dash and that fixed it. This also affected the Cruise Control too (had stopped now...
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    BAS light on when press brake / Also Cruise control stopped working. Help

    Eventually took car to a local auto electrician. £30 to plug in Star and reset all old faults. No current faults found. In my excitment i'd not set the brake switch properly so it wasn't functioning right hence the brake lights were stuck on (oops) and the cruise control wouldn't work. They also...
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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Fitted a Kenwood DAB stereo. Sounds great. A couple of hours or so fitting time. Just trying to figure out the problem with Cruise Control now. Worked fine until brake switch died last week. Switched replaced but Cruise still not working.
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    Help required fitting a Kenwood DAB in A208 CLK 2001

    Went to an audio specialist today and was told that the best way is to use the 'proper' CAN Bus interface, so parted with £80. So it works fine now with no snipping or cutting into other wiring. Thanks for advice. The DAB is great. Installed it myself. A bit tricky getting A-pillar cover off...
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    BAS light on when press brake / Also Cruise control stopped working. Help

    Brake switch replaced. No malfunctions showing now but cruise control has not come back on. Does it need to be reset on Star or am I looking out for another fault that could have been caused by the brake switch failure? Help please.
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    Help required fitting a Kenwood DAB in A208 CLK 2001

    One thing is unclear. The two plug to plug connectors have been connected and there is no power to the unit. Any thoughts?
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    Help required fitting a Kenwood DAB in A208 CLK 2001

    Hi, I've bought a Kenwood DAB to replace the standard Audio 10 with multi-changer as the CD never worked. I've got a problem with the wiring. I've changed stereo's before and normally a simple set of adapter wires are needed to connect the new to old set of wiring. On the CLK however i bought a...
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    Auto gear change fault

    Not been used a great deal this last year, 1000 ish, but no faults at all, so the fluid change was the answer.
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    M.O.T Failure Problem

    Nothing. The 'so called - self proclaimed' Mercedes specialist auto electrician, were either incompetent or trying it on. They told me neither port was functioning, but the second auto electrician, said no fault with the ports at all. Worrying if i'd have left the car with the first place and...
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    Cluster replacement

    Just seen old post. I got these and tried the fix but couldnt get it to bond properly so sent the unit back to them and they fixed it for me. Well worth it as a year later still working fine.
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    BAS light on when press brake / Also Cruise control stopped working. Help

    Thanks for advice from all. I'll start with the brake switch.
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    BAS light on when press brake / Also Cruise control stopped working. Help

    Mercedes CLK 230k 2001 I've had occasional BAS fault light warning and BAS/ESP during two years owned. Today the fault light comes on each time the pedal is pressed following starting engine. No physical issues noted. On way home i've also found that the Cruise Control has stopped...
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    A few classics for auction on the 22nd.

    Quite fancy this one. I know i've already got my 110, but these have always caught my eye. Anyone now what this is really worth. 1987 Mercedes 280 GE A2 for Auction - Anglia Car Auctions
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    Hobbies - What's Your Pleasure?

    Rock climbing when i'm not too busy or too lazy. Got the head for heights, but currently getting 'E' for effort!
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    Poll - Do you use winter tyres?

    Just bought a set of 4 Dunlop Winter Response 195 65 15 for wife's Golf GTI (as requested). Paid £128 delivered and will cost me around £30 for all four to be fitted and balanced. Pondering whether to buy a set of steels for them so no need to swap the tyres/rims again in March when they come...
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