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    Limp Mode.

    Hi. When I start off cold everything is ok the car accelerates as normal. But when it has gone about a mile it goes into limp mode. I notice the engine coolant warning light on the pannel is lit up, can this cause limp mode. Or is it something more sinister than that.
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    Annoying Rattle from back of car

    Hi. There is a rattle coming from the back of the car, sounds as though something is knocking against metal. Been to my locai garage all the suspension was checked and found to be all ok nothing loose. Could not find the reason for knocking, I emptied the boot, problem not there.Strange...
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    mechanics puzzled by this

    MERCEDES BENZ 320CDI ELEGANCE ESTATE 2001 Low power it drives, but it lacks power, it is OK at 70mph. Also under hard acceleration it produces black smoke. On recent M.O.T it passed on emissions Engine Control Unit' was sent to a specialist firm, but it came back with no problems. The...
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    Hand brake mounting on back plate

    Oh dear I was having problems with my hand brake holding the car. I called into my local garage and after inspecting the brakes, he told me the bad news. It would appear that the mounting brackets securing the brake had as he put it crumbled like biscuits. They managed to secure the brake to the...
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    Rotating clicking noise from engine

    I have 2002 classic 220cdi auto estate. When I press the accelerator there is a rotating click noise from the engine with gets faster as I accelerate. As soon as I stop accelerating and cruise the noise seems to stop. I was wondering if it was the turbo unit?
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