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    190E 2.3-16 kind of SUV (front) after new suspensions (front) - any suggestion is appreciated

    Hello Dear Friends First at all Happy Easter to whom are celebrating. I’ve bought this lovely sixteen valves and after renewed rear accumulator for the SLS, change hydraulic oil etc ride was superb, but I wanted as matter of maintenance to renew also front, so I changed front anti roll bar...
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    270cdi pipe exploded (the one coming out from the turbocharger)

    These days I was wondering about sprintbooster and/or remap my car since a little bit bored and...till know bullet proof engine:mad: today I changed my idea How is possible that the plastic pipe (not the following hose to the intercooler) can be destroyed in this so easy way? I was only...
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    W203 limited slip differential. Does someone?

    as per title does someone have installed one? Any input, experience and in particular how can work with ESP/ASR? probably the factory one is provided with a connection for the sensor of ASR, so the new LSD how could be interfaced? thanks for any input
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    w203 brake pedal and window wiper

    I've heard here in some previous discussion (I'm not able to find out) some compliants regarding wiper vibration on the brake pedal. I've never noted this before (only after reading:o ) but I can confirm that I've realized also on my w203 '03 this strange cooperation between wiper and...
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    Have you seen this W202 around?

    it's a RHD car:)
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    a matter of windows tint

    if I well remember W202 (I had) and W203 (I have) come with: green tint for classic and elegance blue tint for avantgarde I don't know what's about E class but proibably the same. Actually it seems that W204 come in green tint for all the versions, isn't it? :rolleyes: I prefer the...
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    C270cdi common rail plastic hoses leakage

    as per title, mine is a 03 car and as read sometimes on this forum it's quite common a bad tightness of the diesel hoses in way of the diesel filter and/or HP pump in front of the common rail, just over the service belts. said that, I've noted an oily dirt in way of the HP pump and hoses, in...
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    W203 side shades

    this matter have been discussed several times for the W202 but it seems never for the W203. Does anyone have ever installe a couple of factory W203 rear side shades on a W203 sedan? Are the same folding time as the W202? Or are the fixed type like the rear manual shade I've seen on an...
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    W203 HALOGEN headlamp: prefacelift VS. facelift

    As per title, I refer to alogen not xeno. I'm wondering to install the clear projector headlamp of the facelift W203 into my 2003 sedan. A part any aspect related to the nicer look, is it also an improovement in term of more light? Please don't suggest me the xeno:D Thanks a lot...
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    W203 270cdi auto: clicking sound switcing to P

    As per titile, being my first auto, I'd like to have your kind confirmation that hearing sometimes a single click sound from the engine bay when passing into P before turn off the car is OK. I'm wondering that this shuold be related to a sort of mechanical coupling depending of the gearbox...
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    W203 underdash cornering "click" "clack" noise

    I know already that's quite impossible to find out an answer but at least I share with you!:) I hear a sort of annoying "click" "clack" noise coming somewhere in the dash: bolow centre tunnel and steering wheel! I've dismounted and checked several times the radio the palsti panel below the...
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    W203 quick question on prefacelift dashboard removal

    Dear Guys, I've noted some dirty spot behind the dashboard screen:( I belive it's possible to pull put the dashboard to dismount and clean the screed, should I utilize the two side slot to insert a hooked style steel wire? Will it come out without interface with the tempomat lever...
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    CDI High pressure pump smelling and dirt of diesel

    looking around in the engine bay I've noted that on the high pressure pump (that black one in front of the common rail) there is an oily and black dust smelling of diesel!! Mainly below this component! I don't know if it's from the pump or the plastic pipes going into! Should I worry? Or is...
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    How many liters for a Auto box oil change?

    Mine is a C270 with the 5 speed autobox, mechanic charged me 8Kilos (liters more or less), pluss the filter and gasket. Are 8 liters correct? A friend told me that only 5 should be sufficient! Thanks a lot
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    W203 driver seat with fire extinguisher

    does anyone have a factory fitted (ok or retrofitted:D ) fire extinguisher on the driver seat? My questions are: 1) how many parts do I need? Ok mine is a LHD car but the parts should be the same. See this link...
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    C270 W203 engine: what is this engine component?

    On my C270cdi I've a sort of valve/little pumps that start for about 30 seconds every time I stop the engine, like to pump air into something: I see a plastic vacuum pipe going into the cabin fromt this device. This device is supported by the cooling tank and yes, it's not the pump for the...
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    strange sound from auto gearbox during hard acceleration

    Another question!:bannana: Since I'm not used to automatic transmission I'd like to know if is normal to hear a typical sound during hard acceleration. It's a sort of "grr" :confused: that lasto for a second only if I push hard on the gas, may be it's normal sound from the gearbox due to...
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    whistle sound from the auxiliary belt area

    I hear a sort of whistle coming from the engine ausiliary belt on my W203 C270cdi. Mainly as soon started the car, dealer said should be some bearing or the free wheel of the alternator (they said that sometimes it happen), but due to the fact that the whistle is no loud they can't be more...
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    funny translation

    Even if it's so funny translating from italian, I think that this is so funny for you Guys! Make me so laugh:) I leave the original italian text even if it's not necessary, only to better understand the scope of this joke;) "Tre streghe guardano 3 orologi Swatch. Quale strega guarda...
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    W203 centre consolle/armrest dismounting

    Does someone know how to dismount centre consolle/armrest on a W203? I'd like to installa a light in that black hole below the armrest:D I'm not able to find a way:rolleyes: thanks a lot for any info:)
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