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    Fault command unit? Been told it's a fault with the car?

    Hello all. My Command unit of my 'facelift' W215 CL55 has turned faulty. Radio still works. Navigation, telephone, night mode and ignition switch off no longer work. I sent the command unit off to Maple Audio who have a good reputation with vehicle command units and they've told me that they...
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    Need help about the Mercedes main dealers!!

    Hello all, I took my Mercedes CL55 Kompressor to the Mercedes main dealer last night as it needed the abc pipe changing under warranty from a few years ago. Just received a curiosity call to say my car is ready for collection. The service bloke went through a list of health checks that have...
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    Traction control randomly activating under acceleration.

    Hello As the title says, under medium to hard acceleration the traction control light will start flashing and thinking the car is skidding/loosing traction when it isn't. If I release the accelerator pedal and then back on theaccelerator the light will go off and the car will accelerate...
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    Cl55 amg Kompressor limp mode...again!!

    Hello all My 55 kompressor went into limp mode this morning with varies esp warnings appearing on the dash. I switched the car off and then on again and all was well. I pulled a fault code on my cheap obd reader which said p0220, I believe this is the throttle position sensor? Less than 6...
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    Rear vibration on W215 CL55 Kompressor

    Hello, Between 60-80mph I have a vibration coming from the rear passager side. I've had 4x new tyres, 4x new alloy wheels, balanced the wheels twice and then swapped the wheels around and the vibration is still on the passenger side. I've also had new pads, discs, engine mounts and gearbox...
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    Anyone ever registered an imported classic car?

    Hello all. I've bought a rhd 60s Porsche 911 from Australia. The car is due to arrive at the mot station on 15th July. The problem is that the insurance will only cover the car on the VIN number for 30 days but the car will take 6 weeks to register it? Also on the dvla form (V55/5) its...
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    55 Kompressor brake pedal travel.

    Hello. Just had new pads, discs and had the system bled. My problem is there's quite a lot of brake pedal travel, maybe about half an inch before the brakes start to kick in. It was like this before but I was hoping the new pads, discs would fix this. It's a shame as the stopping power of...
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    Does a 2004 CL55 Kompressor have SBC??

    Hello, As the title asks? Looking to change my discs and bleed the system. Thanks
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    55 Kompressor funny smell under hard acceleration.

    Hello all, My friend was following behind me one day and said when I was accelerating hard there was quite a noticeable smell of fuel or oil (he wasn't entirely sure what the smell was). I have smelt it occasionally in the cabin. There's no smoke and the car appears to be running fine (not...
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    Continuous traction control (on a bmw).

    Hi I appreciate this is a Mercedes forum but the problem with my bmw maybe a generic problem with all cars with esp/dtc etc. When I hit a bump the traction control light (dtc) comes on and cuts the power like it should. Sounds normal but the car will continuous keep the traction control light...
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    Anybody ever bought a car from 'The Classic Throttle Shop' in Sydney Aus??

    Hello As the title asks? Only reason I ask is because I've just bought a Classic from there which arrives in July. Thanks
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    Stupid question. Will these wheels fit my car??

    Hello all, The wheels on my W215 CL55 Kompressor are buckled so I've decided to change them. Instead of going for the same style alloys I decided to change the alloys to the CLS55 style alloys. Originals: To these (with a clean and new tyres of course): I required some different wheel...
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    Have I got to return a lease car with new tyres??

    Hello all, My C250 which I have on PCP is almost due to be returned. As the title says, I presume I have to return it with brand new tyres? I can't seem to find anything in the contract, I've more than likely missed it! If so, do they have to be the same tyres as what was originally on the...
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    655 bhp E55 Kompressor on Ebay.

    Thought I'd share this.. 2003 Mercedes E55 AMG MSL PERFORMANCE 655 BHP With Dyno Super Car Killer!!! C63 | eBay Must be insane!! Thought my standard 55 Kompressor was fast enough :D
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    55 Kompressor pulleys needed. Anyone know any good companies?

    The pulleys on my 55 Kompressor are knackered and in need of replacement as they're sounding awful. I heard its a common problem with these cars. I need the idler, tensioner and twin guide pulleys. Obviously Ebay has some parts but I'm sceptical incase they're Chinese rubbish. Eurocarparts...
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    55 AMG Kompressor throttle position sensor?

    Hello Sorry if this has been covered before. My CL55 Kompressor occasionally goes into limp mode under hard acceleration. My cheap obd reader said it was the throttle position sensor, I've already had the intercooler pump changed as that was causing the limp mode too. I've heard that...
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    Any detailers / paint expects on here?

    Hi I have a W202 which is nearly 20 years old with the original paint (imperial red). From the photos you can see that the wheel arch is the original un-faded colour and the rest of the car has faded. This is due to a horrible chrome wheel arch trim that was on there, which protected the...
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    Paint matching. Anyone know where??

    Hi My C36 is imperial red, although it has faded slightly (only slightly). Any know if there is anywhere is Nottinghamshire/South Yorkshire where they can match paint from the car to compensate for the slight fade. Thank :)
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    C280/c36 not revving fully.

    Hello, I have a c36 amg that I have been doing up. I believe the c36 is roughly the same engine as the 280. Car runs great with smooth gear changers, but under hard acceleration it only revs to 5200 rpm 1st gear, 6000 rpm 2nd gear, it never revs to the red line (7000rpm). Is this normal?? If...
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    Imperial Red C36 AMG.

    Hello guys and girls. Just bought myself a little project car, a lovely C36 amg W202. Could do with some body panels (front wings) but they seem hard to find in imperial red. Anybody know of a W202 C Class in Imperial red (paint code: 582) then please let me know? Thanks :)
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