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  1. kam09

    E350CDI Oil Cooler Leak

    Fair enough that ain't too bad, post an update once it's all done
  2. kam09

    E350CDI Oil Cooler Leak

    How much was the quote if you don't mind me asking?
  3. kam09

    (Yet another) Original Grille or Panamericana on my SL350?

    I do really like the panamericana grilles but does depend on the colour eg all black with chrome star would be my pick
  4. kam09

    E350CDI Oil Cooler Leak

    There is a chap who runs an indy somewhere in South London, he charges £550-£600 and has done quite a few so takes him around 5 to 6 hours.. he has a YouTube channel named MercMan Tips.. BUT he doesn't disclose where exactly he is and what his indy is called! So good luck finding him..
  5. kam09

    W211 facelift timetest

    oh right no it wouldn’t be the oil cooler seals cos that’s a massive job to get to the seal.. talking a £1k plus job from most indi’s however there is an indi located somewhere in south London who does the job for £550-£600 and has showed on YouTube it’s a really common problem.. goes by the...
  6. kam09

    W211 facelift timetest

    Did you have the oil cooler seals leak on your w211?
  7. kam09

    W211 facelift timetest

    It’s a v6 buddy, march 2005 build
  8. kam09

    W211 facelift timetest

    I've recently read about the dreaded oil cooler seals leaking on these old v6 engines!
  9. kam09

    W211 facelift timetest

    Nope my 2005 v6 e320 doesn't have a dpf
  10. kam09

    Nagging feeling petrol station attendant just put diesel in my car

    Next time pay attention, im sure rules are same everywhere in regards to no mobile phones on forecourts..
  11. kam09

    Any good Mercedes Specialist in South London ?

    Who’s the indi in south London and goes by the name MercMan Tips on YouTube??
  12. kam09

    C63S - 3 year service items missed?

    Bit late now but they are very expensive for what indi pricing should be! (I'm from the area) I would recommend mb service centre in Blidworth for real indi pricing or star garage Leicester..
  13. kam09

    Rattling screen

    But where talking about an interior infotainment screen not windshield..
  14. kam09

    Rattling screen

    They will prolly shove some foam behind it I very much doubt they will give you a new screen
  15. kam09

    How much will the Mercedes Benz free inspection cost me ?

    Mb Inchape used to offer free wiper blades with a free health check and a free valet : )
  16. kam09

    Rattling screen

    It's what should mb should advertise when they sell their cars.. warning: creaks galore!
  17. kam09

    MB of Newcastle

    Yep Newcastle are always quick to reply on ebay so do recommend them over any other ebay mb dealer
  18. kam09

    Service rip off

    Somethings gotta pay for those posh dealer lounges!
  19. kam09

    Are OE MB supplied batteries different from the retail versions?

    Wrighty did you ever have one of the wing mirrors fail to respond to the auto fold function/fold button? Heard its a common problem on the w211?
  20. kam09

    Noisy Power Fold Mirrors

    I think I have this problem.. the drivers side mirror doesn't respond to the auto fold button.. is it an easy fix?
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