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    Catalytic converter help

    Urgent help needed guys. On the way to today's GTG I noticed some rattling from underneath the car. I diverted to the nearest garage (HL Gorner in Wigan) to investigate. The very helpful service chap now tells my the catalytic converter on my exhaust is failing ("on the inside and on both...
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    Advice needed please. On a visit to my MB dealership (MB of Prseton), I enquired about the feasibility of retro fitting "parktronic" on my W220 (1999). To my dismay, I'm told it could be done but it is a very difficult job and is likely to cost "thousands". Those were the service managers's...
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    This may be a daft question, but what does OEM stand for?
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    Unaccompanied test drives

    Follwoing on from another thread, how often do dealers let you on an unaccompanied test drive. What influence would that have on your decision to purchase from that particular dealer. My experience: only one out of 5 delaers within 20 miles radius of me let me out unaccompanied (HL Gorner of...
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    BOSE sound

    BOSE soune A question to the lucky one's with BOSE sound system in their MB's. How good is it (compared with standard BM fare)? When a car is specified with BOSE option, is it just the speakers that are different (for a W220 for example)? Finally, if it is that good, any ideas on how to...
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    Key Ring

    Just been to our local dealers to collect a new set of floor mat. Soptted (read: bought) a nice key ring (model of a CL). It made me wonder how many of you guys have official MB keyrings and what kind? What about other MB life style items? who's going to admit to a MB cuff links. Could...
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    Sat Nav on W220

    Hi all, I have recently purchased a S320 (1999) with Sat Nav (DVD Based). The disc included in the purchase is dated year 2000. I did not think the date it will make a great deal of difference but it is somthing that is nagging me. New discs go for around £90. Has anyone discarded /...
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