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    Boiler Gas Pressure suddenly Unsafe??

    My 40Kw Baxi Ecotec Combi developed a faulty diverter the other day and as its on a repair contract the Baxi Man came round to repair it At the end he said that the gas pressure was on the low side slightly under what it should be ( maybe 15 instead of 17? Millibars possibly? not sure I...
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    16 pin Diagnostic Flasher Codes for 1993 W124 220TE (M111 Engine )

    As I have failed MOT emissions I’ve built a Flash code Reader /blink Tester that plugs into the 16 pin diagnostic socket (Only Pins 6 ,8 and 10 have contacts ) other than 1 Ground and 16 +ve ) No codes on Pin 8 but I do have codes on Pin 6 . Looking through various fault code PDF sheets I cant...
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    W124 1993 220TE MOT Emissions Fail Help

    Any experts on diagnosing Emissions Problems I scraped through the MOT last year but despite Injector cleaner / Cataclean / OIl Change / Clean Air Filter / MAF cleaned with MAF cleaner / Coolant temperature sensor resistance checked / and a high speed italian tune up on the way and using...
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    W124 Bonnet Spring

    My Drivers side Bonnet spring has broken anyone got a spare one ?
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    Diagnosing Poor emission result W124 Petrol

    Hi Last year my 1993 220TE just scraped through on emissions so am looking to avoid a fail this year ,It gets an " italian tune up" on the way to the MOT centre which is 35 mins away so its plenty hot and had a good high rev clear out on the way Current thoughts ; 1 I have used dipetane in...
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    Engineering help to repair my adjustable car ramps?

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    Colour changing LED Strips for a Roof Lantern

    I'm Looking at putting a colour changing LED strip round the base of the Upstand walls into our roof lantern (1.8m X 2.8m ) whilst i dont want cheap i dont want to spend the earth either, at moment can only find a Lantern Kits at £226 or cheap 10m strips at £20-30 so anyone any recommendations...
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    IPhone Turning volume down automatically

    Just recently Sound Haptics has started reducing the volume in my Iphone automatically Its extremely irritating as i have to reach for the volume control on the phone and turn it up again this happens several times on a 2 hour journey . Having researched it on the web and apple forums this...
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    W208 CLK underbonnet earth point for jump starting

    Yesterday evening the CLK wouldnt start after a brief charge (1hr ) still no start so checked the battery using my TOPDON battery tester which showed 10.3 volts and a replace diagnostic however However i needed to move the car and therefore opted to use my Ring 3000 Jump start pack to...
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    Best software for creating a Property Rental Webpage / Site ?

    I have a Holiday Home lodge / caravan in Poole and an over 55's apartment in a small extra care community in Tamworth and am looking to create a simple website with pictures so that the info is all there on a site for prospective renters / tenants as the properties are completely...
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    Anyone at Bicester Heritage Classic weekend 18-20th Sept?

    Anyone going to the above ? I'm there on Sunday in the W124 maybe say hello Boyd
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    Bluetooth to Comand NTG2 (A9068201589 ) Vito W639

    Currently Wiring A kenwood Powered Sub woofer to my Comand unit taking the signal from the speakers as the input and whilst perusing the back and wiring diagrams whilst looking for a switched live to switch the sub on I came accross this...
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    Compatibility of Interlinked smoke alarms

    The Mains Smoke alarm in my hallway was beeping for a new battery even when a new battery was inserted and had been only lasting a few weeks every time a fresh 9V battery was inserted so i decided that as it was installed circa 2010-2013 it was past it, and ordered a new one. I went for the "Hi...
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    W124 Rear window regulator / slider

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    S124 E320 M104 Belt / Pulley Noise and woes

    decided to tackle this as the squealing like a loose fan belt is telling me this needs sorting now I have a W124 E320 with the M104 in it with the Pre 95 Bolt / Rod Tensioner mechanism I sprayed some water near the Aux idler pulley and the noise stopped So off we go I replaced the Aux idler...
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    W124 E320 Idler pulley part number ?

    Trying to find the part number for the Idler pulley on my M104 engined 1994 320TE Eurocarparts cant give me a part no / quote as the reg comes up as a 5 litre 124 .... I wish ... ( its a jap import and obviously is the wrong model on the database ) GSF have failed as well if I know the part...
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    Best way to mark number plate for drilling holes without a template plate

    Number plate fell off my daughters Quashqai+2 and I volunteered to reattach it. Obviously bodged to start with as it had about 12 or more stickies half stuck to both the plate and the car , ( but there were also 2 holes... in the car ) ...... but the plate did not have any holes . As time...
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    Command and Disc Autochanger removal

    I decided to remove my 6 disc autochanger from my 07 Vito 639 as I want to put a powered sub in its place . After removing and unplugging the CD changer my command / radio etc would power up show the MB logo and then go blank and power off . When I reconnect the CD changer it works again as...
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    Battery Packs & Emergency Jump Starters

    I have had a flat battery on a couple of occasions recently ( self inflicted working on the car wit the doors open etc ) but so many times recently I fear I've knackered my battery irrevocably , and as I use my van for Hillwalking in some remote parts of wales and the peak district I thought it...
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    VITO 639 Seat SRS wiring connector what wire goes where ?

    During removal of the single pass seat the under seat 3 core SRS ?? cable connector broke / split so i need to remake it / join the wires together again .....but .............the 3 wires on the seat side are a different f***g colours to the 3 wires on the van / vehicle side ( just to make...
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