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  1. babyblueCE

    Mercedes 500 SEC restoration advice

    Hello everyone. I’ve been away for quite some time now but needed some advice on a restoration project a friend of mine wants to do on his SEC. Its a 1989 G Reg, black on black, unfortunately it’s been sitting on his driveway for 2 years. I was after some advice on the following any help would...
  2. babyblueCE

    Fuel leak in W202

    Hello all. I have a 1998 R Reg W202, every time I fill the car with petrol, there seems to be a small petrol leak only when filling up. When driving the car there is no leak at all. Does anyone know what will be the best way to diagnose the issue or get access to the pipe that leads from the...
  3. babyblueCE

    W210 Trip Computer access

    Hello all. Does anyone know how to access the trip computer on my W210 R Reg E Class. Want to know MPG oil pressure levels and so forth?
  4. babyblueCE

    Car Audio Security messed up won't accept liability

    Hello all. My bro in law recently purchased a 3 series BMW coupe 10 plate and gave it into Car Audio Security, who are based in west London, to do a professional audio installation in his car. They advised would take 3 hours costing £240 in labour charges. In their care the lighting module...
  5. babyblueCE

    My 1998 R Reg W210 for sale

    Hello all. Due to unforeseen circumstances I need to part ways with my recently purchased W210. I got the car from a Mercedes dealer based in Wembley. It's done just over 103k miles in good condition. The driver side wing has rust and there are some scratches on the car. In good condition for...
  6. babyblueCE

    Best ways to a DIY refurb of Alloy wheels

    Hello all. After a bit of help. I've purchased these rims to go on my w210 and wanted to know the best process of refurbing them at home. They have curb damage and the lacquer is peeling.
  7. babyblueCE

    W210 speedo LED bulbs

    Hello all. Does anyone know what bulbs I need to turn the speedo bulbs into LED please?
  8. babyblueCE

    Interchangeable parts

    Hello. I wanted to know if the pre 200 CLK parts can be put onto my 98 W210. For example CLK front bumper to my W210?
  9. babyblueCE

    Back on the Mercedes forum!

    Hello everyone. I had to take a 2 year hiatus away from Mercedes as I had purchase another vehicle due to an inconvenience of a 2 door coupe with a little baby. It was the worst decision I've made getting rid of my 300CE so now I've decided to purchase a W210 1998 R reg In fantastic condition...
  10. babyblueCE

    Goodbye MB family

    Hello MB family. I have now sold my C124 to someone who will be restoring here back to its former glory. I have now returned to VW and would like to thank everyone who has helped me for the last 3 years in any queries I have raised. Thank you and god bless you all!!
  11. babyblueCE

    Lack of power

    Hello all. My C124 doesn't rev above 4000rpm and I can't seem to get it to go more than 70mph. Does anyone know why this could be?
  12. babyblueCE

    124 parts for sale

    Hello all i have the following items that i bought for my 300CE for sale: 1) 18" replica AMG alloy wheels with tyres. These are in good condition with slight curbing on them but not buckled or damaged in any way. There are plenty of thread on the tyres but 1 will need to be replaced. All bolts...
  13. babyblueCE

    300CE C124 91 J Reg Coupe

    Hello all. Unfortunately the head gasket has gone and my original plans to re-build the car and restore it cannot be done as i now have a baby on the way and need a 4 door car. The car is 2 door pillarless coupe and has covered over 200,00 miles. Has electric windows, electric sunroof all...
  14. babyblueCE

    Items for sale

    Hello all i have the following items for sale if anyone is interested please send me a message: Hirschmann Aerial New - £60 delivered (bought for my C124) Propshaft Coupling New - £30 delivered (bought for my C124) 2 x Pioneer Subwoofers 3500 watts each, Mono Boss Audio 5000w amplifier, 4...
  15. babyblueCE

    W202 oil leak from rear drivers side

    Hello all. I recently took my w202 for an MOT and the tech advised that there is an oil leak from the rear of the car, coming from near the suspension arm. Subsequently having driven the car the oil light comes on from time to time. Does anyone know what this could be?
  16. babyblueCE

    C124 engine

    Looking for w124 engine block for a 91 J reg 300ce
  17. babyblueCE

    C124 going into storage

    Hello all. As i now have a baby on the way i have decided to store the 124 away and purchase a 4 door car. I need some advice, i saw a VW Passat today which has been standing for a couple of years now, jump started the car and numerous lights on the dash appeared. The owner advised that the only...
  18. babyblueCE

    Fuel line leakage

    Hello all. I noticed a very strong smell of petrol today and having looked at the fuel line, that goes from the fuel filter to the tank, has a tiny hole in it and is leaking fuel. Does anyone know where I can source a replacement? Brand new or second hand?
  19. babyblueCE

    Caliper Guide bolts/pins

    Hello all. I need to obtain the caliper guide bolts for my mercedes 300CE. I need them urgently as one of them has snapped. Does anyone know where i can get these from as soon as possible?
  20. babyblueCE

    No flash working for the headlights

    Hello all. We've recently purchased a W202 C200 R Rej and the flash is not working for the headlights. When giving way we have to put the full beam on and off to give people. Any ideas?
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