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    Brabus Power Extra D3 (II)

    Brand new never fitted includes unused installation certificate, fitting instuctions etc Fits E/C 220 CDI (W/S 211/W/S/C 203) 203/211-633-00/10 These were £1500 fitted from a MB Dealer £300 ovno
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    Merc Right - Kings Heath

    Anybody used Merc Right in Kings Heath Birmingham ? What are your views about them ?
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    Carbon Build Up

    I have a leaking injector on my 2001 C220 CDI. There is a fair amount of carbon build up around the injector and the glow plug. What is the best way to remove this to be able to change the injector and glow plug? Thanks in advance for your replies.
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    Specialists near Telford

    My B service is due in 900miles, can anyone recommend somewhere near Telford ?
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    HELP ! Car just died.

    My 2001 C220 Coupe has just died. Engine stopped and refuses to restart. Dash display is showing "EL Power Control EPC Visit Workshop"
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    Cruise Control

    The cruise on my C220 Coupe will not set above 60mph and will switch off going uphill or on the over run down hill. I have read several other threads about the same issue on other models. My wheels are factory standard 17" as are my tyre sizes, the pressures are also correct. What has been...
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    Hi All, Well I've joined your forum at last after a couple of years just reading the posts. We have a 2001 C220 Coupe with the AMG sports kit (Suspension, Wheels & Bodykit) I have joined to get some info (posted in engine section) and to pass on my own experiences. Thanks in advance. Graeme
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    C220 Polybelt Diagram

    Hi, On my way home last night I lost the Polybelt and need a diagram to show the routing to fit a replacement. Car is a 2001 C220 Coupe with Air Con. Please help :dk: Thanks Graeme
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