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    New ownership and pics of the 2011 C220 Sport

    Ahh well. Last post for me as I said goodbye to my C220 Sport 125 Edition earlier today. Despite loving many aspects of the car such as its ability to eat motorway miles for fun and (almost) perfect spec for me the cons outweighed keeping he car on and ultimately getting another Mercedes...
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    New ownership and pics of the 2011 C220 Sport

    I've been meaning to add this post for a while now. I'm a big fan of the Command system. I think it is brilliant as I've mentioned in this thread. The integration with the phone works very well. Having moved from Apple to Android a while back one thing that I would have liked, but was never...
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    Accident 2 months ago :(

    Def send your pics and your personal report to your insurers. Avoid accusing anyone of lying, but state the facts simply so they can see that the nature of the accident (leaving no photographic damage to the car) is unlikely to have caused the soft tissue trauma the other parties are claiming...
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    Valet Parking at Heathrow Terminal 4

    Whoever you use it would be in your interest to request they check your car before they take it and acknowledge they have done so. If you don't and there is any damage to your car you may well be told this .... I did get the damage paid for as I stuck to my guns and fortunately dealt with a...
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    New ownership and pics of the 2011 C220 Sport

    Thanks for the comments. :thumb: I honestly wouldn't class the 220 as 'underpowered'. It wants pushing to really get a shift on, but this is positive for me as it makes me feel more involved in driving the car. In all general driving conditions it has plenty of power to get you out of (or...
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    New ownership and pics of the 2011 C220 Sport

    Bit of an update/summary as we approach two years of ownership and just over 20k miles covered. The car has just had its second service (B) and its been fine. No issues at all. Pros. Its a comfy mile muncher. When you first sit in the seat it feels awkward (always has) but after a few...
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    x2 New/unused 245/40 R17 Contisport 5 For Sale

    Tyres now sold. Thanks for the interest. :thumb:
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    Damaged S203 mirror - Replacement or repair?

    Thanks for the help. OE prices are: Indicator lens strip@ £24.44 inc VAT. Replacement (Mercury for anti glare) glass@ £374.40 inc VAT :eek: Cheaper (not anti glare) glass@ £62.40 inc VAT. Will see if I can find anything for full unit on ebay / breakers as he needs a couple of bits...
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    Damaged S203 mirror - Replacement or repair?

    Thanks Ted. Will try Mercedes first to see how much they are for OE. My dad has owned the S203 from new and kept it original so I know he would prefer that. If anyone can advise a good place for a replacement (second hand) unit (full mirror) I'd appreciate that as I know he would prefer that...
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    Damaged S203 mirror - Replacement or repair?

    My dads S203 / C220 Estate offside (drivers) mirror has been given a belt which has broken the lens for the indicator in the mirror. Is this repairable (is there a replacement lens) or is it a new unit? The mirror glass is intact, but the fluid has started to move so a new one would kill two...
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    x2 New/unused 245/40 R17 Contisport 5 For Sale

    Any offers? Would rather sell on here than list on ebay if there is any interest. Thanks.
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    Car scratched... Vandalism? And how to repair?

    My mum recently had the bonnet of her VW Golf resprayed. Chimney top got blown off next doors roof and part of it glanced her car on the way down. Similar deep scratch damage to yours, but a dent too and it is metallic. Got a trusted local company to do it (have done work for us in the past to...
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    x2 New/unused 245/40 R17 Contisport 5 For Sale

    x2 Brand new and unused Continental ContiSport Contact 5 Tyres. Size: 245/40 R17 91W £210 ovno for the pair collected (or arrange own courier). M32/ Manchester area. Advertising for family member who I will put you in direct contact with if you pm me. He has recently sold his C Class...
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    Which aftermarket stereo for bluetooth and iPhone...

    Have a C Class with Command so haven't looked at this for the Merc, but did for the wifes Mazda. Wanted same functionality as you and after looking at various options bought this rather than a new headunit and had it fitted by an autoelectrician (charged £50). Confirmed the correct lead for the...
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    Just bought C Class Sports Coupe - Sunroof broken/parts flying off car?

    This ^^ is absolutely correct. To try and place the blame on you the day you drive the car away - simply opening the roof is ridiculous. Not a good dealer in any sense of the word.
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    C-Class servicing costs

    Depending on your mileage the potential savings of the service plan v sort it individually at Merc dealer are £200 to £300. (You need to be 13k to 15k per annum ideally).
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    Service interval query

    I'd assumed lower mileage (under 15k) with my response as JohnEboy mentioned 6k / 6k / 10k intervals. Thats ^^ the 15k miles or 1 year Mercedes rule isn't it? ... So if you do above 15k miles a year the obc will flag based on miles which could mean services in less than 12 months. Below 15k...
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    Service interval query

    MB's system as I understand is just a coundown (days). Certainly is on mine - Nov 2011 C220. It still is the case with BMW's. We sold one earlier this year and that needed servicing approx 18 months / 17000 miles. I asked how it was calculated as the interval advised on the OBC would alter...
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    Best Winter Tyres

    Just bought a set of these myself from Mytyres and will be putting them on this weekend. The new TS850's. Looked into it for a few weeks and these came out on top of most of the independent (UK and German) tests. The fact they are good in all of the tests they do appealed to me as the Pirellis I...
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    Toyo Proxies ST

    Toyo Proxie T1R's here aswell on our second car (Mazda 2 Tamura). They are Mazda OE tyres. Wear appears good and have had no issues with grip in cold/wet. Will be sticking with them on the Mazda when new 'summer' tyres are required. Have spare wheels and a set of Conti Wintercontacts ready to...
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