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    Car inspection reccomendations - Wokingham area.

    After some months of test-drives, doubt, and prevarication I've found a SL500 I want to buy from a chap in Wokingham. I'd like to go and collect it this week. The current Mrs Speedwell is insistent on an inspection. Can anyone reccomend an inspection outfit. I'd be looking for them to do the...
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    1993 600 sl

    1993 MERCEDES 600 SL AUTO BLUE on eBay (end time 03-Oct-09 12:47:27 BST) Opinions folks?
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    Reasonably Priced SL 500 in Southport?

    MERCEDES SL 500 44,435 MILES A TRUE ENTHUSIASTS CAR on eBay, also, Mercedes-Benz, Cars, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 15-Jun-09 16:37:01 BST) This is advertised on Autotrader & Ebay. Only 44k miles. Southport is a loong way from me. Opinions solicited. Anyone in the area ?
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