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    [Spotted] Barry From Russia

    Nouveua riche? - you appear to be splashing out on the gee gees.:)
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    Who still wears driving gloves?

    I genuinely do keep a hat - panama - on the parcel shelf of my non-merc.
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    Start as we mean to continue

    Impressive ! Who's the simple looking old vagrant he's showing how to do it?
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    sh*tty day at work - how to unwind?

    After a rough day at work I like to dwell on it, ruminate, let it fester, drink excessively, take it out on my family, make lists of people who should die, decamp to bed, toss and turn whilst thinking I have another busy day tomorrow, then wake up at 4:15. I fail to get back to sleep for the...
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    Well done Hayes

    Re betting one's house. Him winning cost me £24.60. Well done David though.
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    CLK 320 CDI or BMW 335d ?

    Nowt wrong with my Camry either. Except the dents, bumps and scratches me and the wife have added in 120k.
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    R129 SL s

    I've spoken to the same chap who has now decided that he is was mistaken. The fool can't subtract, and lost 100 miles. :o He's now claiming 24.28 mpg :doh:
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    Backup generates error 0x80070057 could shed some light. Complete PC backup failes on Vista (error 0x80070057) is also a good hit. In all seriousness. I wouldn't expend more than 30 mins on this, there are 3rd party backup products free or otherwise which can accomplish what you...
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    Windows 7 released today

    Sp?ke - MacMan ???? Dirty MacMan would be nearer the mark.
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    Motorists to pay court costs, even if found innnocent?

    Ludicrous. You couldn't make it up
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    I am a wanted man

    I drive past the same camera everyday. It's a gold mine if you want to put film in it. I've also acquired a visit to Speed Awareness for 35 in a 30. Less irritating than I was expecting, with some pertinent information. There are some silly 30s around though ( generally where important folks...
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    Mosselman W124 (at least I think it is)

    2 cars reverse into each other......
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    Car inspection reccomendations - Wokingham area.

    I've just got of the phone with Star Motors. Thanks for the advice. If I buy it I'll visit PCS with it, :thumb: as I have relatives close by.
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    Car inspection reccomendations - Wokingham area.

    After some months of test-drives, doubt, and prevarication I've found a SL500 I want to buy from a chap in Wokingham. I'd like to go and collect it this week. The current Mrs Speedwell is insistent on an inspection. Can anyone reccomend an inspection outfit. I'd be looking for them to do the...
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    Low Bandwidth eMail...

    Pop is like this. telnet 110 USER: mehere PASS: whatever /* what have I got ?*/ LIST 1.msg header subject line 2. msg header 3. msg header /* not interested in first one */ RETR 2 /* Lets prune first 2 */ DELE 1 DELE 2 /* leaving 3rd one */ QUIT Pine was my first thought too.
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    1993 600 sl

    My thoughts entirely Sp?ke. Intriguing though eh? I suspect my inate cowardice is going to be a bit of an obstacle (where's that poultry picture)? There's someone I work with big cojones who might be willing to take this on though.:ban:
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    1993 600 sl

    1993 MERCEDES 600 SL AUTO BLUE on eBay (end time 03-Oct-09 12:47:27 BST) Opinions folks?
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    Restaurant in Reading...

    Fake dust. I had that decanting an HP Proliant box today. Nice bouquet tho' At £6500 that would be at least 3x overpirced. Watch out for the 1982 vintage........hic
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