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  1. JonMad

    Few Goodwood Trackday spaces available tomorrow

    Ah, would have loved to come and watch (i.e. blag p-rides ;) ) but wife's birthday so unlikely to get away with that one. Brings back great memories from last year. Have fun all and drive safe. Jon
  2. JonMad

    Some pictures from a 124 day out

    Thanks for posting those up, looks a great day. Lovely variety of cars there.
  3. JonMad

    Best C63 deal

    Personal lease £618/month with 3x£618 deposit = £16686 over 2 years. How much are these likely to depreciate in that time if you bought a new one? Low mileage 2010 cars seem to be < £40k on PH. I expect this has been discussed a few times :)
  4. JonMad

    Spotted: Mercedes r63 amg

    Nicely excessive. Compared to another thread where I'm asking the cheapest Merc v8 under 10 years old, call this the one to ask the cheapest Merc v8 under 6 years old :)
  5. JonMad

    Please talk me out of this*

    Yep, I watched the auction end too. Is this the chepeast shape to get a <= 10-yr old v8 merc?
  6. JonMad

    Please talk me out of this*

    2d to go - well, we'll see what it's worth then.
  7. JonMad

    Please talk me out of this*

    Thanks. Mileage would worry me on that one. Ian, yes, it's been for sale for a while so could probably haggle. Wife would never forgive me though!
  8. JonMad

    Please talk me out of this*

    17 sounds lower than I'd want. Low-mid 20s I could deal with. When were 4matics from? Sorry, I know nothing about MLs really. I walk past one each day on the way to the station (a 270 iirc) and they seem to fit the bill of high up and not too big (for wife) and with a V8 rumble (for me :) )
  9. JonMad

    Please talk me out of this*

    2002 MERCEDES-BENZ ML500 Tip v8 warbling, wafty, family transport goodness or a likely complete money pit that's only held together by it's paint and dodgy coloured leather? (I almost actually quite like the colour combo!) *Not that I'm looking to buy something until the end of the year, but...
  10. JonMad

    C63 Wagon collected today

    Nice. I think that'd be just about my perfect car at the moment.
  11. JonMad

    More Cheap C63`s

    Cool - I'm going to keep reminding myself of this thread when my co. car lease runs out at the end of the year.
  12. JonMad

    Some 225/40/18 tyres for sale

    Hiya, I've just put these up there. May be of interest. One Falken Falken 452 18" 225/40R18 92Y tyre | eBay Two slightly worn Pirellis but maybe of use to someone. Pair of Pirelli P Zero Rosso 18" 225/40R18 92Y part worn tyres - bargain! | eBay Cheers, Jon
  13. JonMad

    A Vmax type event.

    Tempted to join the fun if there's room somewhere for me to come along as a passenger. Probably not worth it in my Fiesta (or as per the Goodwood trackday thread, maybe I could see if an i10 can hit 100!)
  14. JonMad

    Cheapest E55 ever??

    Tempting. What could possibly go wrong? :)
  15. JonMad

    Goodwood Trackday 2012

    Thanks to Simon M for the PM reminder. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it in 2012, due to a lack of a track car and also the date being my wife's birthday. Hey - unless I send her someone for some pampering... and take her Hyundai i10 onto the track at Goodwood :D I'll echo Will's...
  16. JonMad

    Bought a winter hack today

    Bang on for £300! (Though when I opened the thread I was expecting a Merc) :)
  17. JonMad

    What Motors Have You Owned?

    iirc 1979 Hillman Avenger 1981 Volvo 340DL 1988 Skoda Estelle 1992 Escort 1.8LX 1993 BMW E30 325i cabrio 1995 BMW E34 540i 1994 Mondeo 1.6LX (taken in p/x for the 540, owned for 3 weeks, until...) 1999 Peugeot 306 Rallye (modified) 1990 MX-5 (2nd car, modified, overlapped Pug and 320d) 2005 BMW...
  18. JonMad

    Good leasing deal.......???

    Random thoughts... Not having looked at any leasing web sites, 3k down and 220/month doesn't sound much so could be good for a C250. How much are they nearly new? Then I'd look at what they might be worth after 3 years and compare that to the 13k balloon. Other thoughts.... how much are...
  19. JonMad


    Good stuff Will, gives me something else to investigate on autotrader :) Cheers, Jon
  20. JonMad


    Thanks, when did the facelift happen?
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