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    Anyone know where I can hire a Garage Workshop for one day in the Bournemouth Area Please BAZZER1
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    Mercedes Club website down?

    I am on talktalk and the Forum Site is still not available, I get a message stating the Site cannot be found. BAZZER1
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    What private/ personal number plate have got

    Saw in the paper last week 007, Guernsey Number Plate sold for £ 350.000. Pretty sad to pay this price unless he or she wants some Male Bonding !! BAZZER1
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    Wheel Arch Rust

    Not surprised in the least.:fail BAZZER1
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    Gps roof antennae with housing & gasket

    Will do, I have seen some on ebay but not cheap, about $26 + postage from the States.
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    Gps roof antennae with housing & gasket

    Still looking for a GPS Antenae, Short stubby type, with Housing Cap ( Any colour as I can always spray it ) and Rubber Gasket to fit between the Cap and the Car Roof.
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    Antennae gasket

    Its not the one that covers the actual antenna, its the black rubber Gasket that's sits between the housing and the car roof, could get the one as shown on ebay on the previous post, but again at $29.62 Dollars and I suspect Postage to the UK, It is, in my opinion a bit extortionate for a small...
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    Antennae gasket

    Phoned MB Dealer Jacksons of Poole, The guy in Parts could not find the GPS Gasket and could only suggest I would have to buy the complete Unit, Housing, Antennae & Gasket, He couldn't even give me price for this. So in the meantime will keep on looking for the separate Gasket. Cheers BAZZER1
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    Antennae gasket

    Trying to buy a replacement GPS Roof Mounted Antennae Gasket, just need the rubber Gasket which is a bit weather worn, the only one I can find is if you buy the Cap, Antennae and Gasket for about £ 30.00 I only need the Gasket replacing and this sounds damn expensive for a rubber Gasket. Any...
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    Uncomfirtable seats

    Seriously thinking of going back to a Volvo, Comfortable Seats, No Rust Problems, and great Reliability, Its a No Brainer really. BAZZER1
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    Rear exhaust e320cdi

    Sorry Mate, its a bit too expensive for me at the moment, although I appreciate its a quality back box. I have managed to find a back exhaust system ( Not Stainless ) from a manufacturing company in Germany complete with fittings and carriage to UK for £ 120.00. Thanks anyway for all your...
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    Rear exhaust e320cdi

    So how much are you prepared to sell the one for the w210 e320cdi. Bearing in mind if we have a deal, I am in Dorset and would have to collect from you BAZZER1
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    Rear exhaust e320cdi

    If you still have it for sale, will it fit my 2002 w210 e320cdi Avantgarde Estate The original MB Part number is A2104905721. If this is correct for my Merc, how much do you want for it. You can pm me with price if you prefer Cheers BAZZER1
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    Rear exhaust e320cdi

    Can you remember who that was and how long ago. Cheers BAZZER1
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    Uncomfirtable seats

    Without a doubt, Volvo Seats are the most comfortable for any long or short journey, good lumbar support and Seat comfort. MB TAKE NOTE !! BAZZER1
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    MB Salisbury

    The guy in the Parts Department at MB Salisbury is always very helpful:thumb: BAZZER1
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    No problem with Tyre Leader, ordered 4 x Toyo Proxy for my car on the Friday and all four arrived three days later, saved a fortune, and had them fitted and balanced for £ 10.00 a wheel. BAZZER1
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    Rear exhaust e320cdi

    Looking for a Rear Exhaust in good condition MB Number W2104905721 to fit my 2002 W210 E320CDI Avantgarde Estate. All replies appreciated Cheers Guys BAZZER1
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    So I watched this lady top up her oil.

    Good for Her, she sounds like the sort of Daughter we would all like to have.:thumb::thumb: BAZZER1
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    Christmas present swap shop

    If they could get the Lid closed. BAZZER1
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