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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Edited post as it was a duplicate.
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    Help convince me I've bought right

    Umm - I think it's the OM642. But we know what you meant.
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    new merc fuel consumption

    Totally agree - 10k miles makes a huge difference on a diesel. I assume Philip1972 was in the latest W213 (4 door) E220d? This has the new 2.0 diesel with 9 speed 'box and (I believe) can cruise at 70mph at around 1000rpm - virtually tick over.
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    E class coupe, parking brake adjustment help

    I had thought that it was the cable that needed adjustment - hence suggesting the video.
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    Your UserName

    Operated a holiday-let business in our apartments on the Costa del Sol for 25 years, having potential clients ringing up all through the year to book in advance. The apartment complex was named Erisa - and folk invariably asked "Are you the Erisa man?" Twenty five years saying "yes" must've...
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    E class coupe, parking brake adjustment help

    Hi, thought I'd have a look as to what t'internet throws up - and have just watched a fascinating YouTube vid on adjusting a C Class (W203) hand brake. As the C Class and E Class Coupe share many chassis components, this vid may be of use. As I said, I found it fascinating 'cos I'd never have...
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    To spray or not to spray ??????

    They've had a good reputation for quite some time - they've done part re-sprays on my wife's two Audi A3s (over a period of close to 10 years) and we've never had cause to complain. All the best for a somewhat calmer and event-free future.
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    My E class is back and the BMW 3 has been returned to the rental company..

    Good news all round - hope the future is as it should be. All the best.
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    Footbrake and Handbrake Question on my 190E 2.0 Auto

    Welcome to your first Merc, I hope you enjoy it. Your questions are not pedantic - they show your appreciation of what you have. I'll leave question 1 to someone else as there are safety issues which are implemented in stages as they become deemed necessary - but on question 2, I can assure you...
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    Speeding advice

    I understood it to be limit plus 10% plus 2mph gets overlooked, 10% plus 3mph gets an awareness course. Ideally for you the speed team were packing up - or just arrived and not ready to capture infringements. Good luck
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    Data Card Build Spec and Power Output

    The OM642 was taken to 261hp but has subsequently dropped to 254 and even to 251. Have I got that wrong?
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    Mercedes Glasgow

    A quick look at MB Glasgow web-site reveals their contact links, whilst their New Cars contact links contains the name and contact detail of one young lady. I'll not mention her name here, it's more prudent that folk look it up directly (just in case I have it wrong). Good luck.
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    My First Mercedes and my First Post

    And the same from one more here.
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    AUSTRIAN Grand Prix

    I'd guess that we have Lucy 'cos Kay was left out?
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    Last gasp discounts?

    With the up-coming new model E-Class Coupe to be announced in the not too distant future (early 2017?) the outgoing model is being discounted quite heavily. I assume these are base models and at the pre-build stage to allow us the time to specify our exact requirements. Drive the Deal are...
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    Black Gloss or White grille center ??

    It was my impression from comparing the 'library' pics - comparing them with yours shows yours to be perfect. If you feel you want it painted white then it's your choice - it's good all round (either way).
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    Black Gloss or White grille center ??

    That second pic makes the grille appear very 'stark' - but your first published pics of the 'New arrival' didn't appear as dark - obviously a trick of the light and you know best as you've seen the car in all light conditions. As I said, personally, that second pic looks ..... stark!
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    Yet another terrorist attack.

    Yellow through and through!
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    Slk wind deflector

    Yes, definitely get the merc original perspex as it fits perfectly, no straps - just three sections which interlock. You may find them on the German ebay site, going for a bit less than the UK site - and carriage is very reasonable thus making them a good buy.
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    Lewis Hamilton fastest as F1 debuts in Baku

    Neither are you from the sound of that. :wallbash:
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