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    finance rates

    I have a number of contacts at Lombard Car Finance - happy to pass the details across if you wish to see what they can do for you...
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    Window tinting...

    Nabbed from here: But read the PDF too. From what I understand, basically you can't tint the front windows and be legal. You can however tint the front windows and not be prosecuted for it.
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    Window tinting...

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    Window tinting...

    25% on W/S, 30% on Front are the legals. 45% - 65% you will be asked to remove. > 65% and you're in trouble
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    Window tinting...

    Are you sure its 28% from factory?
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    Chair Electrics have stopped working...

    Dont suppose you have a link which shows me the SAM and the fuse diagram do you? Google returned nothing...
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    Window tinting...

    Would I get away with 30/70/100 on the Front/Back/Rear do you think?
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    Chair Electrics have stopped working...

    Ta for that! :D
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    Chair Electrics have stopped working...

    Drivers side only
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    Window tinting...

    Cheers :D
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    Window tinting...

    Its very very very lightly tinted, but I don't beleive its at the limit. I've heard 10-15% being bandied about. I wasn't going to tint the windscreen just the rear and sides.
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    Wireless internet access intermittent!

    Are you running vista by any chance...? Wireless CLient is Vista is woeful...
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    what mobile phone do you own ?

    Nokia N73 for me and Nokia 6300 for her. They were the only real options to get a free PS3 and a free laptop on contract in time for xmas... Plus the N73 runs tomtom.
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    Increasing wireless signal range

    DD-WRT on a Linkysys router can do this. Support for Netgear is limited... Sky BB user by any chance....?
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    Chair Electrics have stopped working...

    ... after giving the car a thorough interior clean... Will I have just unplugged a cable...? Where do I start looking...? :o
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    Window tinting...

    I was thinking of getting the windows tinted on the C Class. Was going to go for 'smoke' all around... Any thoughts? A blacked out rear section may look too chauffeur-ish....?
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    Roof Lining Question

    Back after a short absence..... :o Daft question. On the foor lining of my C class, in the exact centre of the car there is what appears to be a speaker in the roof lining. But I dont think its a speaker... What is it...? :eek:
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    To make you all feel better on this cold evening, I am posting my new road tax rate

    From memory the ROI don't have water rates and council tax...?
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    Wife being fobbed off by the police?

    Comments in red above
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    Who's starting to like white cars now?

    That may get you victimised by the police...
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