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    W204 Rear Near side lights burnt out

    Hi, I had the error code come up to tell me the tail light, turning light and basicly all rear near side were not working when i have looked the grey light bulb holder has melted were a green wire enters the black plug on the back of it, i have tried to pull the black plug out but its stuck...
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    Viseeo or change phone cradle

    hey i fitted a brodit cradle for my iphone 4 and wired it through the back of the radio into the glove box so it charges and plays the music, i have it to the right of the steering wheel so its good for a sat nav too. check out the brodit ones.cradle cost about £40 and wire of amazon for about £10
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    3.5mm and dock cable for Iphone

    hi yes i use one of these, with a usb adapter so i can plug it in the glove box, ive used an extension lead to wire through behind the vents and radio. so my wire for my ipod comes out by right hand side of the steering wheel where i have a brodit iphone holder. this is so no wires can be seen...
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    Age of MB Drivers.....

    25, got a c-class sport, I think its quite a young mans car.
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    How much is a..... Does this fit....... - Ask Your Questions In Here

    Hi How much is a single parking sensors for an 08 c-class?? Thanks
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