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    Garage clear out - w124 and 190e parts.

    I'm getting rid of all the stuff sat in my garage and there are is a small mountain of Mercedes parts in the corner. I have added some terrible quality photos taken on my useless phone now for each. As for price ill just see whats cheapest on ebay and match it, feel free to make an offer. 190e...
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    Free w124 parts

    I have a few parts that i am about to throw away but i thought i would offer them up here free to collect before i do. - w124 Bonnet in silver. This fell over so there is now a scratch in the paint on one side unfortunately. - w124 1988 Passenger n/s door in Silver. Electric windows and door...
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    190e 2.5-16 drive shafts

    Bump. Still looking :)
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    190e 2.5-16 drive shafts

    I am after the driver shafts for a 190e 2.5-16 manual with ASD
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    Classic Merc Services / bodywork: Leics

    Mercland in nuneaton? that isnt too far. last time i was there they had a lot of older mercs and im sure they know a lot about them.
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    w124 Beige leather interior

    bump i still have this, 100 ono?
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    Wanted 190e prop/drive shafts

    I am after a prop shaft for a 2.3-16 Also the rear drive shafts from a 2.6 with ASD. I also need the engine mount brackets for a 2.6
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    Wanted: W124 estate mushroom leather seats and door cards

    I have a complete interior in the colour your after however it is for a saloon :( im sure the front will fit but not sure about the back.
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    w124 Beige leather interior

    i have a complete leather interior for a saloon w124 for sale. Its reasonable condition with wear on the drivers bolster. I havent managed to take any proper photos yet but here is one i took on my phone of the wear on the drivers seat. £200 o.n.o?
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    Sell it or break it?

    I have considered it, but I don’t think it could take the place of my jaguar day-to-day and I already have an old merc that I can play with. I have found myself using it a lot because it is a lot of fun to drive and I do love that 6-cylinder engine. I think that’s why I feel guilty, it has a lot...
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    Sell it or break it?

    I recently bought a 300e as i wanted the m103 engine for my 190e. the car i bought is a 1988 300e with 205,000 miles on the clock with tax an MOT. what i wasn't expecting when bidding for it was how good the condition of the car would be. It has 33 services stamps 90% main dealer and a folder of...
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    Variose parts - 190e, w210 and w123

    Ive had a bit of a change of heart with what I plan on doing with my car so ive decided to have a bit of a clearout of all the car stuff! Full 190e 16v body kit, painted in matt black - £150 190e 16v manual gear box & linkages etc- £200 E- Class 16” alloys with good tires...
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    Wanted: Bonnet pull/catch w201 w123?

    ignore the above post, it is correct :)
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    Wanted: Bonnet pull/catch w201 w123?

    thank you for that. are you sure that is the correct part number? i have put it into Mercedes-Benz Parts, Inchcape and it comes up as a repair kit for a w124 250d? allthough i think thats just because they dont have a category for w123 300d :/ just want to be sure before i buy it
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    Wanted: Bonnet pull/catch w201 w123?

    im looking for the bonnet tongue/pull that comes through the grill. It is for my w123 however i believe a few other vehicle have the same pull?
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    w210 Beige Cloth interior £30

    I have a complete beige cloth interior for a w210 from a 1999 saloon. no bolster wear. could probably do with a clean. I have all the carpets seatbelts etc. any questions please do not hesitate to ask Located in Hinckley
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    w123 bonnet hinges

    im after a pair of bonnet hinges for a w123
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    202 Kickdown not working

    im looking at a car and it states it has the following problem... "Kickdown doesn't work, so if you want to take it over about 3,000 revs you have to change gear manually. It drives fine in "D" if you're not in too much of a hurry though, and all the gears engage OK" What would be the...
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    w210 parts

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    w210 parts

    I have started to strip my doomed w210 down for spares, so if there is anything you are looking for please let me know. The engine i will be keeping for myself and the wheels are provisionally sold, pretty much everything else is still avaliable. its a 1999 saloon e300 td in red i have...
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