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  1. IRISH E55

    Help needed

    Hi I have a command 2.0 in a 2001 W210 And I've noticed the date won't update on the unit!!!! The time is fine only the date ,and it's bugging ng the hell outta me....any ideas???? ALSO would anyone know the part number for the firmware update cd rom for the same unit....
  2. IRISH E55

    W210 comand update/replace

    Any know a part number for a CD-ROM firmware update or a factory look android/CarPlay headunit upgrade
  3. IRISH E55

    Diagnostic fuse

    I do but no listing for a fuse for that?
  4. IRISH E55

    Diagnostic fuse

    Can anyone tell me if there is a fuse for the round diagnostic plug in a 2001 w210
  5. IRISH E55

    Front springs

  6. IRISH E55

    210 Wings

    Excuse my ignorance but what does LCAs mean?
  7. IRISH E55

    Front springs

    Hi the part number is 210 321 32 04 I have the car 11 years, I bought it with 60k on the clock,I'd be surprised if they were changed prior to that but then again anything is possible!!!!!!
  8. IRISH E55

    Front springs

  9. IRISH E55

    Front springs

    Yeah that’s what I was thinking!!!! My problem now is change like for like or go back to original e55 springs but then I have an issue with which shin to fit......‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️
  10. IRISH E55

    Front springs

    S sorry yes the clk was a 55
  11. IRISH E55

    Front springs

    As in price? €150 each
  12. IRISH E55

    Front springs

    Hi all!! I recently broke a front spring and went into my local stealer for price and availability. He gave me a print of all the different spring and shim options with the colour blobs on the spring but it turns out my 2 front springs are from a clk!!!!! Just wondering if this is a regular...
  13. IRISH E55

    Possible jump start issues!!!!

    I’m starting to think someone in where I have my W210 stored has jump started it and blown several things Brake pedal switch: Air mass meter: CD changer: Date on 2.0 comand: Diagnostic connector under bonnet: Can anyone share any light??? THANKS
  14. IRISH E55

    W210 comand

    Anyone know how to update the date on a w210 2.0 Comand system?
  15. IRISH E55


    Is there any sign of the apple app being updated?
  16. IRISH E55

    W210 e55 rear end refurb

    Hi all am due to refurb the rear axle of my 55!!! I'm thinking wheel bearings,suspension arms,drop links handbrake shoes and discs and so on...... My plan is to drop whole subframe with everything attached then get subframe,hubs and diff blasted and powder coated! My question is can it be done...
  17. IRISH E55

    W204 C63 AMG Brakes For Sale

    Is that price in yen?????
  18. IRISH E55

    AMG/// show plates

    can't seem to be able to actually buy them online
  19. IRISH E55

    AMG/// show plates

    Hi any ideas where I'd get a set of these? Not sure if I can get them from the private lounge !!! Tia
  20. IRISH E55

    W210 instrument panel repair

    Hi did you get around to fitting the new ribbon cables?
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