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    C250cdi real world fuel consumption

    I have just completed my first 1000 miles and have averaged 53.3 both on the dashboard computer and at the pump. I have been driving as per the manual so no doubt it will go down now but I suspect by not a lot as it is plenty quick enough or so the speed limiter in the passenger seat reckons.
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    Spare tyre?!

    To answer the original question, no need to carry a spare wheel legally. If you have a spare wheel there is no need for it to be legal if it was fitted to the car either.
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    C Class Sport tow bar mystery.

    I looked into this when I bought mine and yes it is all down to type approval. The summary is C class sport saloon tow bar not allowed. C class estate you are allowed to have a tow bar, sounds like madness but I double checked and it is true!
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    Question for 2011 C Class owners - Stop Start

    Having seen this thread I was wondering as I went out for a long drive on Saturday. I was the first time that I have driven my car when it was below freezing and surprise surprise it did not go to green before the first roundabout which it always has before, had a look at the temperature and...
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    W204 Facelift water in speaker

    If this happened to me, picking up my car on Friday so it Might! I would get very annoyed if the dealer did not perform. When I get very annoyed if my wife is with me when she spots the signs she will leave and wait outside as I will empty the dealership/shop. This only happens if I am sure of...
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    Doing a deal - where to start?!

    Do not worry about walking away, politely;) You will get a call within a week, that is the point for the real negotiation to start.
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    Another C class that burns in Portugal!!!

    Sounds like my next door neighbour my have got lucky. 1 week after he got his new C250 smoke started billowing out of the dashboard but no fire, apparently a faulty fusible link, but it did take a week to fix which felt odd.
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    Lights too bright?

    Whilst on my way to our local town a couple of nights ago I had a car with obvious Xenons coming towards me, it's the type of light that gives it away. As all the traffic cars in our county have Xenons you tend not to flash them of course. I then spotted as it went past that it was a C-Class...
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    New member - C350 CDI

    Have spoken to the person who looks after placing factory orders as most staff at my dealers seem to be on leave for half term. If you want to have the 18" 5 twin spoke they are available for decade 3 November builds onwards. But I did find out that my car will be built on November 9th:D
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    New member - C350 CDI

    I got that call as well, was not pleased but what can you do, it was also you know we indicated delivery will be beginning of October well it will now be end of November. Not a great start to the Mercedes experience!
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    Avarage speed cameras

    Big advantage of cruise control, just set it and ignore the idiots behind.
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    Drive the Deal and other discount brokers

    For Mercedes they have a number of dealers when I last spoke to them, the nearest to me was an hour away. When I bought my golf through them it was just over an hour away.
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    Drive the Deal and other discount brokers

    Depends normally on the manufacturer, it is needed on some of their special deals which are mainly cancelled orders a dealer needs to shift. The Jaguar XF deals in September were very good as the dealers needed to shift all their old model stock.
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    Towing on a Motorway

    Yes it is legal but it will not be looked kindly on, if it is car towing car you are only meant to do this only to tow off, if you are spotted towing on to a motorway you will get a lecture to explain why it is not a good idea, and told to get off at the next exit. Both vehicles will also be...
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    Dead sadly

    Brake failure a common fault?
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    Are quality problems returning?

    Tried but I am too tall, German cars seem to be the only ones that I can get comfortable in.
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    Are quality problems returning?

    My wife is giving my a hard time over ordering a new C Class, it is not the fact I have ordered one but the apparent lack of quality she is concerned about. Last week we had the camshaft sensor on @Marks car and last night I had a call from my next door neighbour to ask me to keep and eye on...
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    how much fuel comes with a new car

    I do not leave this to chance, I always include a full tank as part of my final negotiations, I learnt this the hard way when I bought my first new car it had just enough to get to the fuel pumps at the dealers. Yes the delivery fee says its includes £50 of fuel.
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    New car order (Command online) and dealer issues

    I agree with you so much, if my delivery date gets moved again the order will be cancelled. I have selected the model and spec of an XF already in preparation as it appears to be chaos reigns at MB currently.
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    Oh dear

    You've worn it out, time for a new one!
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