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    E320 estate juddering problem at idle

    What sort of mileage/age had your car done to wear out the engine mounts? I am assuming that as it is a huge lump it will wear out quicker than other cars?
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    How can i improve the fuel economy of my 57 Vito 111?

    That is very interesting - has anyone else tried the above? I have just started to use Millers, just to help keep things nice and clean, no particular problem etc, but I am only using what the bottle recommends.
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    Nexen Tyres

    That review is not too good - 66% overall. The wet weather performance rating alone would stop me buying them.
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    Tyre speed ratings

    +2 I never scrimp on tyres. They are so critical to saving your life, and your loved ones lives, that the few pounds extra spent are worth it. I went with MO Continentals. I know there are cheaper options out there but these have been great so far. It does hurt the old pocket when they...
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    W211 squeaky brake pedal (2003)

    My car has just decided that it is going to squeak every time I put my foot on the brake pedal! I am assuming that it is just the rubbers/joints in the brake pedal unit but it is hard to detect exactly where it is coming from. Does anyone know if it is safe/ok to spray a little silicone...
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    Retrofitting memory seats

    Mine has the electric seat adjustment on the sides of the seats but to move it backwards and forwards you have to pull the lever at the front and push/pull the seat to/fro! I also find it amazing what some people order when buying a new car! Not that I am ever likely to have that dilema:wallbash:
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    Clock Adjustment - I must be thick!

    I am going to France soon as well but I have decided to take the easy option and just remember the clock is one hour out!
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    Free user manuals

    Couldn't find anything on a merc E320 CDi :-(
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    Help please: Air con will not switch on after regas.

    That is really useful to know for the future! Thanks
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    Top Gear - Merc CL 600

    TG is so obviously heavily scripted that I feel embarrassed for them at times - well I would if they were not paid so much. Being fair to them though it is very funny in a school boy way, they say things others would love to be able to say publicly, and they definitely love cars. Without them it...
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    WARNING Pressed Metal Plates

    'The intelligent use of power'. If you give stupid people powers, then they will use them in a stupid way. Intelligent use of power would result in a caution for misdemeaners such as number plate technicalities. In fairness to the police, they are just a cross section of society so they do have...
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    C320 Cdi..What to look for ?

    Is this is a common problem or just one that 'can' turn up? Also, is this a problem on a W211 CDi? Thanks
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    WARNING Pressed Metal Plates

    You are absolutely 100% correct! When I saw and tried to complain about 2 police bikes and three police cars working with a police ANPR van I was stopped and searched under anti-terror laws! My subsequent written complaint to the Chief Constable concerned was a waste of paper and postage...
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    WARNING Pressed Metal Plates

    LMAO:bannana: Spoken like a true police officer - no offence intended!
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    So who sat on the Evoque...??

    I really think it is a major mistake for land Rover. The Range Rover I lust over but the evoque - no thank you! When I found out that Victoria Beckham was a 'style consultant' on it it all became clear why it is one wierd looking car! Why on earth would LR ask for her opinion?!!!!
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    WARNING Pressed Metal Plates

    An alternative opinion! The police have lost touch with the reason why we pay them such huge salaries and pensions! They should get off their backsides, and out of their luxury cars, and do some real policing. That means walking the beat, making our homes, children, and streets safer...
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    Annoying rattle in W211 E Class estate

    It does feel like you are selling your soul when you go in there but when 'needs must' and all that! I too noticed the slight change of shape and I think you are probably right on that score.
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    BMW 530i Champagne Edition with Alpinas

    My wife won't let me buy new wheels:( Said something about me "not needing" them lol! What has that got to do with it?:doh:
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    Treatment for new leather

    I love this new term 'man made leather'. The first time I heard it was in a MB show room when the sales rep was showing me a new merc. I burst out laughing at the phrase and told him that 'man made leather' is called 'PVC'!!! He did seem a little put out at the idea that leather of any kind had...
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    Bluetooth ?

    I have a 2003 w211 e class with the phone controls on the steering wheel. I do not have any phone socket or connector. I have looked at the links above and they all apply to cars with one or other phone cradle fitted; can anyone tell me how to get blue tooth fitted to my car and who is a...
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