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    Personal Plates

    k300kes on a 300 sl my wife got it for me for  my 40th
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    workshop manual wanted

    just checked alldata site to see what they got on 190 s as it is a u/s site, 1992 190 e [w 201] 2.3l/ sohc 102 or 2.6l 103 listed i ve said before in interiors(vac seats) how usefull its been to me
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    blinking wingmirrors ?

    looking at the members gallery i notice that koolvin has retrofit wing mirrors with built in indicators would it be possible to do the same on a 92 sl
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    Vacum seats

    just checked mine and i think the silver lever you mention is the back rest lock if you pull it towards the door a audiable alarm bleeps and the back rest moves forward the same way as using the buttons in the door .as far as i know all movement of seats are motorised apart from lumbar support...
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    Vacum seats

    i've  found answers to lots of questions at i also have a 92 300 sl for around £18 you get access to online work shop manual tech info  thats addressed to all stealerships fault finding by symptom wiring diags step by step pics  have a look you should find it usefull i have...
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    Welcome People!!!!

    nice place you've got here kool <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':)'>
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