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    W124 saloon towbar

    still looking for one
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    W124 saloon towbar

    wanted towbar for a 1995 w124 e class
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    Flogging dead horse

    would you believe it i've just seen my neighbour gobbling a horse------------------------------------------------ she was eating tesco burgers
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    Flogging dead horse

    Despite the recent news, Tesco's say that their beef burger sales remain stable
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    Another one of those days!

    your welcome take a look at this Ford Transit Forum ? View topic - MK7 Security Problem, Rear Door Central Locking Loom. and this
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    Another one of those days!

    transits are really easy to get into without keys, its happened to loads of vans round my way, google is your friend.
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    W202 alloys & winter tyres

    Now sold Please Remove
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    W202 alloys & winter tyres

    i have for sale X4 6 spoke oem merc alloys with matador nordica M&S tyres with snowflake symbol on sidewall 205/55/16 tyres were only used for 800 miles last year still like new, selling due to no longer having the car, £250.00 im located in stoke on trent.
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    Money grabbing Bar Stewarts

    Crazy, if anything a speed awareness course makes you a better driver because they teach you subjects of road safety id long forgotten since passing my test.. So in theroy premiums should be reduced. Its just any excuse to squeeze more money out of motorists.
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    I saw this on another forum

    It's to prevent the rust from comming off due to the vibrations.:rock:
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    How not to sell a car

    he says. "its got a light and balanced fly wheel on engine so it rev s to about 13000 revs" I think he has smoked one to many Jamaican woodbines:D
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    How tight are you?

    18% for me :D:bannana:
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    Why would anyone buy this old tax disc??!!

    A ticket for the 2012 Olympics
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    Upgrading from W202 C Class to W211 or W221

    Me too what they don't realise is it's neary 8 quid for 5 litres of petrol now.
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    Brake pipe bolt thread thrashed

    sorry for the bad news but your going have to replace the pipe im afraid, it looks like an original steel one thats damaged and is impossible to get it to reflare insitu on the car.
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    Caption Competition

    recession hit raf hit with more cutbacks
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    311cdi Sprinter alarm wiring

    what year is the sprinter?
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    Vito glow plug relay

    Yes my sprinter did the same, one glow plug had shorted internally i replaced all glow plugs and the light was still on which meant it took the relay out aswell. one new relay later and all was fine
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    Caption Competition

    Bitch she promised she would push her hemorrhoids back in and wear underwear this time.
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