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    2006 C180k 49,600 Miles

    Now £4,995. Not to be missed - see the unique cream/black leather seats and door cards.
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    2006 C180k 49,600 Miles

    Link here: Mercedes-Benz C Class C180K Classic SE 4dr Auto 1.8
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    W203 Spare Fuse for Phone Car Charger??

    Probably a silly question but here we go... Looking to install an iphone car charger on a semi-permanent basis. For minimal dash removal I was thinking of installing it by the vent to the RHS of the steering wheel and simply have the cable coming out from the side panel of the dash that is...
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    Fuse 30 - W203

    I think you are right! I will try again in the morning.
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    Fuse 30 - W203

    Went to remove Fuse 30 from my W203 to see if it would temporarily fix the stepper motor click (as per another users previous post). Took side of the dash only to find I had four green fuse 30's? Is this right? I popped them all out but then the central locking stopped working so promptly...
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    1st 'MOP' Polisher - Meguiars G220 V2

    I'd go for the DAS6 Pro - £100 here DAS-6 PRO - Official Group Buy 2 - Detailing World I use it with the Meguiars Microfiber system - works great :-)
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    Stepper Motor Clicking - Quick Fix?

    Afraid so...several times in fact in the hope that one day it will work!
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    Stepper Motor Clicking - Quick Fix?

    Trying to work out which Stepper Motor on mine needs replacing - can anyone help? The clicking stops when I tap the the brake pedal and the noise is significantly louder from the drivers side than compared to the passenger side...reluctant to take the dash apart if I don't need to...
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    I Want a G-Wagen

    Here's what it could end up looking like :-) Mercedes-Benz G Class 300 GEL 5dr Auto 3.0
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    W203 Coupe dash rattle

    Bumping an old post. Azaman did you solve the rattle in the end? I have a similar one in my W203 at the same revs as yours....
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    W203 Engine Rattle/Vibration?

    It's a 2006 and not under warranty. Front tyres are badly warn on the outside so I'll be replacing those in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully that might solve the issue but I'm not convinced. Seems odd that it only happens in drive and (I think) when in second gear and not in the other gears.
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    W203 Engine Rattle/Vibration?

    Can anyone help or is this a garage job?
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    W203 Engine Rattle/Vibration?

    Hi, My W203 C180k has developed a very slight vibration at approx 1800 revs when the car is in drive, usually when it is in second gear. I've tried to repeat the vibration when the car is in Park or Neutral but everything seems fine. Car has done 45k miles and ATF was changed at 38k...
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    Stepper Motor Clicking - Quick Fix?

    £400 is a lot more than I would be looking to pay! I'm hoping that I can access it from behind the radio but won't know which one it is until I start taking the car apart!
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    Stepper Motor Clicking - Quick Fix?

    Ah don't think I have a cabin filter button :-(
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    Stepper Motor Clicking - Quick Fix?

    Hi, As common with a lot of W203's I am getting a clicking noise coming from the dash, assumed to be the Stepper Motor. The strange thing is though if I apply gentle pressure to the brake pedal the clicking stops. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there an easyish fix that I could apply...
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    Spanish Car Hire Scam?

    I used malagarcar when I travelled in the summer - no hassle and very reliable. Paid for full tank of fuel. It wasn't significantly more expensive than at the pump - maybe an extra 10 or 15 euro for a 60litre tank but all things considered it was pretty good value for money. You may already...
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    203 C Class Electric Window Switch.

    Bumping an old thread. My drivers window switch has just broken. Pulled the switch slightly too hard and the plastic came off in my hands. I've found a replacement part on eBay for £5 but not sure if I can just fit the new switch by pushing it in fairly hard or if I would need to remove the door...
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    Snow Foam Lance - £30

    Bought from CleanYourCar Snow Foam Lance - Clean Your Car Comes with the Karcher K Series attachment. Add £3 for postage or collection from PO7 area - about 10mins from PCS :-)
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