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  1. Pilotprice

    Steering feel/motorway crusing

    Did pressures last week again, yes I have 5p's
  2. Pilotprice

    Steering feel/motorway crusing

    Ok cool, thanks for the advice
  3. Pilotprice

    Steering feel/motorway crusing

    Hi guys My car recently seems to be a bit of a handful at motorway speeds, it's very VERY sensitive to steering input and doesn't fill me with much confidence. I've got 4 new tyres (oem Contis) all round. This issue started around 5 months ago and I had it in to Merc to have the tracking done...
  4. Pilotprice

    More cracked wheels!

    My 14000 mile 63 plate c63 has a cracked rear wheel. Dealer put a small bit of goodwill towards the wheel and it ended up at 440£ fitted. I would of had it welded but with the high speed jaunts and power going through them I decided a new oem wheel was best
  5. Pilotprice

    C63 facelift 19" rear wheel multispoke

    Mine has a crack In :( Silver/grey not the black ones. Let me know if you are selling one
  6. Pilotprice

    Amazing Improvment C63

    What does an X pipe do? Always wondered this lol
  7. Pilotprice

    Rattle on start up

    Mine is in this week for the A service and for them to check this. Also they need to sort my dodgy drivers window motor which rattles aswell!
  8. Pilotprice

    C63 AMG Estate - Final report

    Good review What are you replacing it with?!
  9. Pilotprice

    C63 estate q's

    Mine says the same and the light has just gone to zero bang on 1190 miles
  10. Pilotprice

    SL 65 v12 biturbo

    Black with an afrermarket (I think) rear valance on it!
  11. Pilotprice

    SL 65 v12 biturbo

    Whilst at Costco on Friday I saw one of these! What a motor! Can't tell how old it was due to a private plate but the interior was older school Merc. Reading on the net they are about 2004/2005? Can't seem to find much info! Must be a rocket? Has one driven or owned one?
  12. Pilotprice

    Rattle on start up

    Hi guys Just quick one really, I've noticed that sometimes on cold startup, for a split second I get a tinny rattle when my c63 first cranks? Sounds like the prop/flywheel? Doesn't do it every time? Just me? The car has done 10,000 and is a 2013 model Thanks
  13. Pilotprice

    Slk 55 amg

    That's not a 55
  14. Pilotprice

    C63 amg

    I just stream all my music via the Bluetooth
  15. Pilotprice

    Msl performance dyno day

    Is it just arrive and go or are we booked on?
  16. Pilotprice

    C63 Tyres

    Do not oversize the tyres! I've just done the rears at 265-30-19 and left the fronts on stock sizes and now the car is appalling. The rear steers the car, either the Arb has come loose or it's the tyres! It's a complete handful!! Changing lanes at anything over 90mph is graveyard roulette.
  17. Pilotprice

    c63 squeaky brakes!!

    Doesn't happen on my 2013 car, Maybe the pads need re fitting
  18. Pilotprice

    Msl performance dyno day

    Pm sent
  19. Pilotprice

    C63 - Hidden Secret's

    Press the brake firm down when you come to a stop and the HOLD sign will appear which holds the car until you move off.
  20. Pilotprice

    Msl performance dyno day

    Damn iPhone
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