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    w209 roof not working

    Hi I brought a 209 reg 24-11-04 in January 2007 1st thing I did was to 1/2 open the roof and spray wd 40 on all piviots, cams ( hold a rag around to prevent over spray) (it made a great diffrence) its probally a switch or relay but once its sorted give it some preventitive maintenance.
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    W209 boot lid not flipping up

    My 209 cabriolet boot opens on the key but only slightly, this can be improved by WD40 on the hinges. The coupe should open fully.
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    CLK200 - unreliable escalation process

    If this a MB main dealer, please name them. I believe that the dealer should fight the customers corner (deluded fool :) As previous post suggest, try to PX it back, good luck
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    CLK Third Brake Light

    I had the same problem, led's in boot, no sign of the lens, checked the internet it's not uncommon, car was just in warranty, explained to Mercedes Bishops Stortford, it seem to be a design fault, they changed it under warranty.
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    I hate Potholes, I just broke a wheel.

    I managed to get Hertford Council to pay for new tyre on CLK (17 inch Sport Spec) (lucky the wheel was o/k) . They will bounce back your claim as a matter of course 1st time, and hope you give up. You need to request from them when the road was last inspected. Take photos and look out for chalk...
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    mercedes interiors

    Buy a 209 CLK with wood avoid old technology gain better looks, extra seats and better MPG
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