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    Clutchless AC compressor pulley Help Please

    Any one out there removed the front pulley from an AC clutch less compressor before. Going to have a go myself but prefer not to remove it from car if poss, sounds like the bearing is noisy, parts easily obtained bearing or full clutch/pulley assy 7SEU17C is the AC part number 2008 cl500 Or...
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    Poor radio signal W220 S

    Radio aerial for w220 uses heated rear window elements had 3 w220s now all had rubbish radio reception especially when heated rear window is on put radio on with engine running then switch on heated rear window, check for signal loss or reduced volume, maybe you could check element for...
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    Resetting SRS (Air Bag) Warning Light

    any Snapon diagnostics will reset air bag lights, would think most small garages would have it to hand.
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    Mercedes door closing Anthology

    All or most cars have one way rubber flaps at rear bumper level, for the forced air to escape from when door is shut one either side.
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    Checking Automatic Transmission fluid level

    push in the small red tab on dip stick tube that will release black cap, good strong pull upwards and cap will come off. Discard the now broken red tab renew it from dealers cost about £1 31
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    w220 Night light illumination lamp interior door handle

    Hi, just checked my invoice £19.36 with vat, Sunderland branch dated 21/04/2012, ask for discount. what's shown on my invoice P MA220 820 03 21
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    w220 Night light illumination lamp interior door handle

    All available separate about £13 from dealer, A220 820 03 21 that's part number for rear door pass side, have just fitted to 3 of my doors as they where off, easy job to do also.
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    One Film, What Would It Be?

    Roman Polanski's The Fearless Vampire Killers David Leans Doctor Zhivago
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    S class w220 battery

    Look for Bosch 95 AH Bosch Silver 95AH around £99 part no S4013 Bosch Silver Plus around £106 Part no S5013 Bosch AGM around £165 Part no S6013 Do a search on the net prob find them cheaper, Personally the best Batteries out there
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    WIS/STAR set up for auto-fold

    Thought that if you have Memory seats auto fold can be done on steering wheel buttons, Don't think it is avail if no memory seat function, even through Star, I could be wrong though.
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    Clk srs

    try e bay for occupancy seat emulator, plugs into same socket fools seat circuit
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    S class 320 cdi smell

    check the pipes from fuel filter (rubber) to metal pipe beside inlet man, them crimped on clips might look ok but i changed mine due to fuel leak, problem solved no smell no leak now.
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    2003 sl 500 engine noise at idle

    check for holes in rubber gaters on pass and drivers side, where steering column /cables /and anything else that exits through bulk head.
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    Battery Kill Switch

    approx 20/30 mins
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    glow plug relay

    No Aux Batt, Alt output 14.5 volts, 100AHR Battery, 11.5 Ohms was with cable removed from plug end but still connected to relay, Relay /controller been off for a while now with no problems , soon as i connect back up and start engine voltage at meter drops to 9.5 volts which then triggers ESP...
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    3 day w220 owner be kind !!!!!

    Heater booster system, warms up interior more quickly, also engine warms up quicker, switches on auto if outside temp below 8 deg c and coolant temp below 70 deg c.
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    glow plug relay

    Ok not had any replies on first question nearly 200 views though, any thoughts on this then, put meter on glow plugs all where 0.7 ohms same reading as a new one so plugs ok, checked resistance on all six wires from controller all at 11.50 ohms so looks like wiring ok, put ign on and voltage to...
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    glow plug relay

    Been having a bit bother with my S 320 CDI, when i start car up from night before it starts ok but sounds slow turning over then ESP warning comes on, suspecting low batt voltage for that, soon as car is warm even the rest of day dont get ESP warning anymore and engine turns over fast, so i was...
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    Merc owners getting ripped off for oil?

    Read this today about MOBIL 1 it may still hold up today and performance additives to keep the oil cleaner longer with better mileage/horsepower. How do I know what motor oil is a Group IV (4) based PAO synthetic motor oil? As more and more large oil companies switched their "synthetic"...
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    S 320 cdi

    ok thanks for reply will get it on star
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