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    8 hole alloys for sale

    4 x original 8 hole alloy's fitted with Continental 195/65 R15. 6.5J x 15H ET37 Part No. 210 401 0302 At a rough guess, two tyres have about 4mm and the other two about 6mm Three of the alloys have slight kerbing and the other one is ok. The "face" on all the alloys are in very good...
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    For sale: W202 C200T Elegance

    Hi all, First option to MBClub members. Priced to sell. £5500 ono. C200T Elegance Very good condition. Year: 2000 (W reg) Engine: 1998 CC Petrol Transmission: Automatic (Tiptronic) Odometer: 67,000 Miles Interior trim: Black Cloth, condition excellent. Taxed & MOT 10/07...
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    Parking ticket - wrong date.

    Try this one too - Cost is (I think) £7.99. Heard good reports about them, and, no, I have no connection with them.
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    weird electrics problems w202

    Well DRM, those bass units certainly suck some power, and it has been mentioned that a drop in voltage can cause the BAS/ESP light to flicker. Do you know what your water temperature guage was reading when the warning light came on? If it stays on I'd be concerned, but if it goes off maybe it's...
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    C200t Bas/esp

    Thanks all, Happy to report no further occurrences this morning or evening! Perhaps just a glitch. If it occurs again, the brake light switch will be the first to be replaced.
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    C200t Bas/esp

    Something odd this morning when I left for work. After starting the engine (2000 C200T) from cold, the ESP/BAS warning light remained on until I arrived at work (approx 12 miles). No loss of power, no other other instrument failures (as far as I'm aware) This evening on way home, again...
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    wtf, mitsubishi galant AMG?

    One of yours DRM? Looks like a Vic (place to be) registered plate!
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    "Someone keeps stealing my letters..."

    Well Pammy, did you get the screen shot?
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    Alloy wheels and insurance.........

    Jimmy, when you spoke to Directline regarding the wheels, they quoted "as long as they were a factory or dealer option when the car was purchased new", they only made a reference to it on the policy. I'm with Directline and did exactly the same, explaining the situation very carefully, and...
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    Alloy wheels and insurance.........

    Just been through exactly the same thing with DirectLine last week. Upgraded to 17" AMG's and fitted lower suspension. My premium has increased about £120, even though the AMG's are listed as an option for my car. I can understand the suspension mods increasing the premium as these are not...
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    George Fraser is a lovely chap...

    I'll second that. George and his crew did the suspension modifications to my car, fitted the new wheels, had the tracking/alignment done and cleaned it up nicely. It's really manic in there and you do get the impression that they're not on top of things. I was talking to Des who said they're...
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    Eibach progressive springs. Which way up?

    Eibach springs and AMG wheels being fitted today. They're the Eibach Pro-Kit progressive springs. Whilst I'm not doing them myself, I'd like to check that they have been done correctly. The kit did not include any fitting instructions - nothat I could see anyway. Does anyone know which...
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    Just about to lower my C200T

    May have to postpone the fitment of the new suspension. After speaking to motorsportworld, the most suitable dampers are the Bilstein Sports and they are a special order from Bilstein in Germany. I've waited a month already, a few more weeks won't hurt (much...)
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    New windsreen fitting today

    According to their website "We only use glass from car manufacturers' suppliers." I did some research on Autoglass before they came out to repair a stone chip in my windscreen recently (under my insurance so it cost nothing). I may have to get them back out to replace the screen if it fails...
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    Recommendations for Freeware FTP clients?

    How about SmartFTP? It's free -
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    I have resigned!

    Scott, are you going to be caught by IR35?
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    Just about to lower my C200T

    Sym, springs and dampers are specific to the estate. The Eibach springs part number 2546.140 fit these model variants - S202 (Estate) C180, C200, C200 K, C220, C230, C230 K, C200 TD, C200 CDI, C220 TD, C220 CDI. There are other part numbers specific to the estate with automatic ride height...
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    Just about to lower my C200T

    Car's booked in to have the Eibach springs and Bilstein dampers fitted by George Fraser. Still thinking about the dampers though. Despite many of you advising to keep the standard dampers, I think I'll get the Bilstein Sprints. Car's got just a bit over 50k on the clock and while I'm sure that...
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    Just about to lower my C200T

    Interesting to hear that Dieselman. I have a bit more to think about now.
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    Just about to lower my C200T

    Well, definitely going with the Eibach springs. H&R is too much of a drop for my liking. If I don't change the dampers, wouldn't there be more strain on the standard ones? They'd be more compressed wouldn't they? Altreed, not doing any of this myself, so I'd rather get the whole lot done in...
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