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  1. Lugy

    2002 W220 S320 CDI Breaking

    Hi folks, it's very likely I'll be breaking the S320 CDI I recently acquired, it's on a 52 plate with 128k, it's dark green (unsure of the colour code at the moment), has standard 16" alloys, no Comand, rear DVD screens, OSR door/quarter has some light damage, aside from this and some light...
  2. Lugy

    Hi again - after some MPG figures

    Hi folks, it's been a long time since I was on here last (August last year :eek:), in that time I might have turned to the dark side :p I now have a 1986 E30 as my pride and joy/weekend/project/soon to be an show of my engineering skills car :o. Anyhow, time to bother all you intelligent lot...
  3. Lugy

    Breaking 1997 W140 S320

    Right, after getting messed about on ebay I'm going to break the bloody thing myself in the next couple of weeks. Everything is there though the ECU is suspected faulty so will not be made available. Just to start out; Engine £300 5 spd Autobox £300 Interior £300 Wheels £150 Doors £50ea PSE...
  4. Lugy

    Jet Powered Porsche

    I've just looked on Youtube and it's not a joke either!
  5. Lugy

    1997 W140 S320 - spares or repairs

    Right folksies, any interest in my S class? The garage I've dumped it at reckon it's a suspect faulty ECU that's causing it to start but not open the throttle. I've no time to sort it out with my new job and I'm moving into a new flat next week so it has to go. It's a 1997 S320, it's had 2...
  6. Lugy


    Don't bother breaking quarter lights (not that it would benefit you), do a "lift" glass instead. A replacement one is about £25 on ebay and you can fit it yourself instead of getting it bonded. Of course if you're only going to break it that may be irrelevant. Can you get anything inside to...
  7. Lugy

    War on the motorist is over :-)

    Aye right, that is all!
  8. Lugy

    S211 - I keep finding new toys

    I'm guilty of this too, when I discovered the self close worked on the W140 I'd always use it (though now I've decided it's best if I don't so I don't waste the pump :o), when I left the car I'd press the Rest button to keep it warm and I always waited for the window wipers to work themselves :o
  9. Lugy

    Which bank?

    I only ever use online banking to check my balance :o, is it good enough for that?
  10. Lugy

    Which bank?

    I'm looking to escape from the delightful banking establishment that is HBOS, the current favourite replacement is Clydesdale bank. Any recommendations? It'd be nice to have someone that gives a hoot instead of making as much money as possible from me! It's just a basic current account and a...
  11. Lugy

    How long does a police warrant last?

    Absolutely nothing to the current law system!
  12. Lugy

    How long does a police warrant last?

    Innocent 'til proven guilty? :doh:
  13. Lugy

    Has the current model ranges devalued the brand

    I think it's safe to say we're already there, in my family we've always had and ran car's for a long time, for example my parents bought a 3 year old Rover 214Si back in about 1996ish, it was an ex company car with company car miles, we ran that car for around 5 years and it never missed a beat...
  14. Lugy

    How long does a police warrant last?

    No, I've not been naughty, just watching Road Wars :o and curiosity's got the better of me. One of the suspects was released on bail and disappeared so a warrant was issued for his arrest. Does this warrant last for life or does it run out?
  15. Lugy

    Cheap electrical bargains

    Definitely a bit poo, a few of us talked about sharing fuel costs and nipping down to pick up some stuff. I'm after a home cinema system and all I see are reasons why I should get 3D :o.
  16. Lugy

    Henry - Interior vacuuming

    I know of someone who done that with his Monaro when we went to a car show, it didn't last long on the M6 toll road! :o:wallbash:
  17. Lugy

    Washer question?

    Pah, my last 3 cars have had headlight wash with wipe, much better than squirting water! :p They are actually quite useful in winter....when they work!
  18. Lugy

    what product for cleaning alloy wheels-lots of caked on brake dust

    At the moment I'm using Autobrite Very Cherry non corrosive wheel cleaner, it works really well for me. I'm also using Migliore wheel sealant too.
  19. Lugy

    DVLA’s SORN shambles: legally unenforceable and administrative chaos

    I scrapped my old Vectra after it was broken for parts back in 2008, I sent the V5 away soon after, I had SORN'd it and when the SORN would have run out no tax reminder came. I presumed this would be correct, fast forward to this year and I get a fine for £80. I've not paid it yet, though when I...
  20. Lugy

    Yesterday's little adventure

    I'm not going to thank that, in fact where's the unthanks button :p, it works and at the moment that's one better than the S class can say, oh and it used half the fuel but that's irrelevant :o:p
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