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    w211 sbc C2498 error code

    Reset is only a temp fix to alloy you extra time for proper fix but should never rely on it as a permanent due to the brushes ware and the pressure cylinder or whatever its called possibly be at the end of their use
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    Megs Mirror Bright and my 55 :)

    You seem to be covering more mile on one then in the car so you might as well think about it ))
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    w211 sbc C2498 error code

    If you have a developer mode you can do it otherwise no.I have a tool to do it.Based in Colchester
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    CLS400 remap price !!!

    My mate from Chiptuners done the 2016 C63 4.0TT last year.Yes we had to remove the ECU which is between the inlet and alternator.Was about £700 mark
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    Wheel colour change

    Gray metallic with a good quality clear coat finish to me.
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    What Motors Have You Owned?

    Too many to remember for me. About 30 Volvos Easy over 10 Mercs (have 4 at the moment lol) 2 Bmw`s Over 10 Vw`s 3+ Audis And many other makes Just go a W220 320cdi L this week
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    SBC reset

    Its a long field mate so should stop before I get to the M11
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    SBC reset

    Bought it as a project for the North weald mate don`t need the brakes I suppose just a parachute will do lol
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    w168 Petrol, Manual and Fsh for the wife

    Just sold a nice one 5 door in black met under £1000 bud,shem was a clean car and FSH.I have a W169 one diesel but more money.
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    SBC reset

    Anyone in Essex/Suffolk could reset the SBC counter on my E320 or has a Star with Developer mode?Not expecting it done for free tho.
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    W124 ''Superturbodiesel'' - The ultimate sleeper

    The 7 seat conversion,indicators etc.Still have the indicators if you wanna buy lol I`ve near enough 30 Volvos,enough for one life so no more...
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    Help required, u0155 / u0101 w211 2004 cdi

    Have you checked the front and rear sams for any moisture damage on the soldering plates,ecu plug connection?These are not that bad to find issues.Was the terminals crossed by any chance or jump started?I can pop round sunday with an ecu kit to rule out the problem if u want as I have 3 w211 I6 lol
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    W124 ''Superturbodiesel'' - The ultimate sleeper

    Nice motor mate.Kind of thinking about that engine in my W140.I do recognize that driveway when I came to pic dome Volvo bits up.Correct me if I`m wrong.
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    "Brutus" the e55k Project

    I`d like a dyno too,where are taking yrs mate?
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    Monoblocks on a w211?

    Just thought about it and came across this.I have a set so will try them on
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    HELP!!!: Instrument Cluster off and SRS ON / E220, 2006

    I`ve fixed 2 on customers cars with Actronics with no issues.
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    2004 s320cdi

    You`ll feel the difference,depending on engine health stage 1 235-260 bhp.
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    "Brutus" the e55k Project

    Having seen it in the flesh I can only say didn`t expect any less than a stunning and shiny beast.U`ve given me an inspiration mate,now my estate is on the road so hopefully down load the file for modifying and map it tomorrow.
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    2004 s320cdi

    I sold my S class to my customer with a p/x his 2006 320d and a few day later I asked him how is the car?The answer was "IT AMAZING " lol they are indeed.Get it mapped and give it more spirit when needed u`ll love it even more.
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    Hissing When Accelerating

    Hissing and whistling are not the same sounds.Usual turbo pipe split is the pipe on the right as u face the engine thats hissing noise.Take the belt off and check the pulley,should lock up clockwise and turn anticlockwise if not turning anticlockwise pulley is seized thats yr whistling noise.
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