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  1. benzers

    Mercedes W111 Chrome Trim Needed

    Hi, Looking for a W111 Fintail 220 sedan 1965- chrome trim exterior, any or all of the parts would be really helpful. thank you in advance. benjamin
  2. benzers

    W124 estate rear brake lights x2

    Both lights are needed, another car took out out the other one this morning. any help? all the best, ben
  3. benzers

    W124 Estate Parts needed

    thanks to Retrodave for the wiper arms. Any one out there with a spare drivers side rear brake light for an estate?
  4. benzers

    W124 Estate Parts needed

    Hi, I'm looking for a drivers side rear brake light cluster and also wiper arms for the front headlamps. hope you can help, and thank you in advance.
  5. benzers

    Mercedes Benz E Class Estate 230TE W124 1991

    I bought this car in the beginning of August, from an owner that had the car for 17 years, and mainly used it for trips abroad, and driving to the train station. The car has a full service history. Before I bought it, in the last 2 years, the car has had a new radiator, front wishbones, a new...
  6. benzers

    Snow Foam

    i agree with Superspec.
  7. benzers

    Cleaning engine alloy

    I used Autoglym engine cleaner recently, just wipe off, good stuff
  8. benzers

    How To Remove Tree Sap From A White Vito 115 Roof?

    when i bought my motor it was covered in tree sap, ( a white car) i bought the Bilt humber clay that requires no soap, just water, it took me half a day to clay the whole car.. not only did it all come off, the car looked revived.
  9. benzers

    Wierd.. Fuel indicator having a rave!

    good stuff! i replaced the sender, nothing happened, i then changed the cluster and ba bamm, works! 30 minute job.
  10. benzers

    what's best to treat rust and seal under car

    I agree bilt Hamber has some excellent products, I used there clay recently, good stuff.
  11. benzers

    W124 Locks in this Masquerade

    looking at the diagram on the link that is hugely illustrative, i think it was the pivoting rivet that I was talking about, which i had thought had a roll pin within.
  12. benzers

    W124 Locks in this Masquerade

    Thank you for the link Dec, Mr haynes instructed me on how to remove the lock etc, I was careful, and the first thing i noticed when I removed it, that there was no pin, and that when I started to think that it had been tampered with before, and doubting the possibility if solving this alone. I...
  13. benzers

    W124 Locks in this Masquerade

    thanks Dec. the roll pin inside that little hole? if so its no longer there.
  14. benzers

    W124 Locks in this Masquerade

    I did enquire at mercedes, but only for a replacement set, which included all locks and ignition barrel, £180 can't remember if it was with VAT or not.
  15. benzers

    W124 Locks in this Masquerade

    Thanks for the advice Pontoneer. Would it be possible to get it repaired or replaced (the drives side), or would that mean having to have all the locks replaced to have just a master key?
  16. benzers

    W124 Locks in this Masquerade

    I'm not sure what a chauffeur key looks like, though one of the keys has an oval shaped handle compared to the others, which are rectangular.
  17. benzers

    W124 Locks in this Masquerade

    P.s when i bought the car I was given four keys, which includes the lock for the space within the boot
  18. benzers

    W124 Locks in this Masquerade

    There was a period when they were having the changeover, from the old to the new facelift car, it was like a semi- facelift, i found this information courtesy of - Mercedes Resources and Information. This website is for sale!. The passenger side and the ignition match, its the driver...
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