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  1. Norte23

    Fusso coat soft 99

    I wonder if this Fusso will have the same effect on glass??? Might try it on dads greenhouse first.
  2. Norte23

    Fusso coat soft 99

    Hahahaha. Shoot. didn't think of that. Might have to send it back then hahaha
  3. Norte23

    Fusso coat soft 99

    Well the car is washed, dried & R222 paint cleansed. Fusso applied, waited 15 mins then power buffed. Looks pretty good. This is not a picture of the sky. It's the reflection of the sky in the bonnet hahaha
  4. Norte23

    Beading rain

    The neighbours looking at me stupid because I have a giant detailing tent round my car hahaha. Another new purchase due to something you said hahaha
  5. Norte23

    Beading rain

    Hahaha it's your fault I'm doing this. Bought a pretty expensive power polisher for the buff stage. Won't use it to apply with though as that would spoil the fun. Bonnet & roof done so far. Looking good.
  6. Norte23

    Beading rain

    Well car washed. Dried. R222 applied & buffed. Now to try this Fusso coat soft 99 you all got me to buy hahaha
  7. Norte23

    Beading rain

    I'll tell you what TOOBAD your costing me some coin here. I just ordered the R222 & bought a power buffer/ polisher
  8. Norte23

    Beading rain

    My money where your mouth is hahahaha I like that. It should arrive tomorrow. What's this paint cleanser you talk about ? I will need this to remove the current coating I presume. I don't have a power buffer not want one. I ordered the Fusso microfibres clothes kit also. A bit of hard graft...
  9. Norte23

    Beading rain

    Thanks for that. I've just bought some
  10. Norte23

    Beading rain

    Mine beads & I hate it. I was always told that beading was bad, because when the sun come out the beads act like little magnifying glasses & cause the sun to damage the paint. I'm trying to find something that I can use so the rain just runs off.
  11. Norte23

    Customer Service?

    To true
  12. Norte23

    Snow foam virgin

    Hold on a minute you can't be that concerned about the environment when your profile says you drive an E63??
  13. Norte23

    Snow foam virgin

    I've ised snow foam for a few years now & swear by it. I use the standard lance to jet wash the majority of the dirt away , then switch to the foaming lance & apply snow foam then wait 5 minutes for it to pull the remaining dirt away,,,,, then standard lance rinse & as said earlier the microbore...
  14. Norte23

    Do you wash your own car or not

    I've always washed my own cars because I don't trust anyone else to do it. Not even the wife hahaha I wash her car also.
  15. Norte23

    Torque wrench- how do you know it's accurate ??

    The tyre shop do it 20 dackadacks on the impact gun don't they. Hahahaha Mark
  16. Norte23

    iPod connection

    The grey dial that turns is to let the aircon cool the glove box pal. The plug in there is for a cable to allow the iPod to be plugged in.
  17. Norte23

    Query about consoles

    Ok so maybe a daft question but do different C class estates have different centre consoles? My 2010 C250 has: Do some models have a storage unit or ashtray or something there instead of a blank panel? If there are any different one please post pics. Mark
  18. Norte23

    yet another watch thread.........

    My parents bought me an Omega Dive master for my 21st. Never wear it as I've always been scared of damaging it. Bought an Apple Watch when they were released & where that for everything. Will never get rid of the Omega though. Will go to my son when I pop my clogs.
  19. Norte23

    Have You Seen Any Interesting Cars On The Road Lately?

    On my way to work I pass a few rather large houses being built. The big one in the estate has just been finished. Thursday morning a looked & saw a Lamborghini Aventador parked on the drive. Bright orange.
  20. Norte23

    Wanted STAR diagnostics..

    Gaz I have a D620 with no hard drive if your interested pal.
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