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    Will this come out with T Cut?

    So if my 15 year old a class gets hit by a lorry and it’s worth £1500, I can insist that the 3rd party insurers spend £9000 repairing it ! I wondered what was driving the premiums up ?
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    Soft paint / stone chips

    I agree, too close to the car in front causes more stone chips. Mb have clearcoat hard lacquer, I assume the harder the coating the more brittle it will be , a stone at 70mph probably shatters it like glass. Obsidian black responds well to a touch in but don’t use the brush provided in the...
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    R129 SL 500 third brake light

    About 60 quid plus vat at the dealer !
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    Debadging / Rebadging

    Badges off is fine, some people take them off to disguise a low spec car and some to disguise an amg car. But I just think it looks better, they are easy to debadge after if you don’t like it. I’ve debadged loads of them.
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    Debadging / Rebadging

    Badges are probably £50 ish and the c at the end of bluetec always comes off when it gets caught on a sponge or cloth while cleaning, I’d leave them off, looks nicer.
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    Annoying Rattle from back of car

    If it is a W203 you could have a look at the brake light in the boot lid, it may be broken as it takes a lot of shocks from shutting the boot. If not you need to take stuff out of the boot one by one and test, like the warning triangle and spare wheel etc. Process of elimination I’m afraid.
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    Annoying Rattle from back of car

    Model of car ?
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    Body shop,North West England.

    All you need is the claim number and any Mb approved repairer can send lv an estimate, lv will try to make it less attractive as they will likely have to pay more at Mb than one of their repairers. If your chosen repairer wants the work they will help you out.
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    Window woes

    It is called normalisation of the windows, process is as described in the last post.
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    Never Swear at your Lawn Mower

    I’d rather the window than a body panel as well !
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    Never Swear at your Lawn Mower

    Mercedes do supply genuine glass and some insurance companies will let you have genuine glass.
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    Never Swear at your Lawn Mower

    Make sure you ask them for a genuine screen.
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    Rattle in boot

    Could be the baffle in the fuel tank that stops the fuel sloshing from side to side.
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    Mercedes washer jet adjustment tool

    The part number is stamped on the side of the tool in the picture.
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    W124 Equal Mirrors.

    LHD mirror?
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    W211 Rear Bumper Help please

    Unlikely to come away like that unless it has been hit, it will probably need to come off and then on again.
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    W164 heated seat issue

    The heater mat may be burnt out, I've seen them burn a hole in the seat before.
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    Slight leak driver's door.

    Model and year ?
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    Calibration of cameras

    In the workshop with a calibration jig and I think it has to go on road test also.
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    Please help to identify missing trim - B150

    Osr quarter waist moulding, or dogleg moulding, check with dealer as the chrome may come separate , the trim may come painted already. Probably about £30.00
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