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    Help: paring Bluetooth

    what handsets can be used with MB phone cradle A1718201051 please?
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    R129 high end custom audio install (I hope!!)

    Hi simon is it finishednow? Any pix available?
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    R129 500sl - Repair or Sell as Spares????

    What did you decide in the end, if breaking please let me know as few parts I may be able to buy from you. cheers Rob
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    Sl500 r129

    looking for interior boot panels left and right hand side. Also want back seat Sub enclosure if anyone has or can make or rear storage seat to convert. Hampshire area cash waiting. Any stealth panels or if you can make please contact me
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    R129 Rear Seat removal.

    Hi Stats, is this a regular known place where water gathers then? cheers Rob
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    R129 high end custom audio install (I hope!!)

    Are you having it done professionally or having a bash yourself? cheers Rob
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    R129 high end custom audio install (I hope!!)

    pics Would be very interested to see pix of build and cost, where are you having it done?
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    SL500 R129 Stealth and Speake enclosures

    Thanks for pics and ebay interesting thread, had already called the guy re that but he wont ship to UK as to expensive. There must be someone in the UK that has/can build a back seat conversion, seen a few now but every custom shop I talk to has never done one. Weird!!
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    Home GYM WANTED multi gym

    I have a good multi gymn for sale, it is body by Jake and is as new.
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    R129 Newbie Questions...

    May sound silly but check bulb as well, known them to blow, if it does turn out to be that simple you have a cheap and easy fix hopefully.
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    SL500 MY03 Speakers

    Hi John, there are some on ebay at the moment, there is also a post on there for Bose in USA that are selling new ones for 90 dollars I think it was. Rob
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    SL500 R129 Stealth and Speake enclosures

    Cheers Spike, Was thinking the same thing so will go for back seat build and sell the leather jump seats. Have you done one? Any pix pls? cheers Rob
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    SL500 R129 Stealth and Speake enclosures

    Has anyone done a boot or back seat speaker install, where do you find purpose built enclosures for the R129, looking to buy enclosures or have them made in the Hampshire area. Any pics or info regarding this is greatly appreciated.
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    R129 high end custom audio install (I hope!!)

    Hi Simon, I know your original post is very old(as with most posts on this site) did you ever take/keep pics of the install in your MB SL?
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    R129 removing CD holder in armrest

    Hi BTB ,great posting any idea where I can get the CD cassette Rack, MB part no B67810018, MB says it is no longer available?
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    R129 removing CD holder in armrest

    Did you ever get rid of the cd cassette rack, if not if you are looking to sell it I would be interested in buying it from you. cheers Rob
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    SL500 interior (R129)

    Hi would be eager to see pics, think that much leather must be upgrade as the 3 SL R129s I have had did not have all that as standard. Any pics of upgrades would be welcome to cheers Rob
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    R129 high end custom audio install (I hope!!)

    SL R129 rear deck Hi I noticed your post re building rear deck for your MB SL R129. Did you self build? Do you have pics please as I would love to see them and have a go building a rear deck. My email for pics is Thanks in advance for your help and pics.
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    What next?

    129 extra mods I also have a r129 sl500 1998, I have had a wod dash made for it and am trying to source other wood bits for the interior, mine had BIRCH wood as an original upgrade so hard to find bits. Dash looks great though
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    Gaydon Heritage Centre - Sunday 7th December 2008

    been reading the threads, not sure where/what Gaydon is but if few merc enthusiasts meeting may bring the SL down, is it Merc get together? where is it please? Rob
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