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    Newbie detailing advice

    Good advice from Leabrooks above, jetwash it, then re-wash in the comfort of your own drive. From then on its' up to you - Detailing World is brilliant for advice + product recommendations but also highly addictive; I speak from experience! Some ultra-cheap Pound Shop or Lidl products do much...
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    Hi Terry I'm also in Norfolk, after looking around for a local valeting service I bit the bullet and bought some cleaning/ polishing products and had a bash myself. My work doesn't compare with the guys who do it for a living but I'm happy with the results. For powdercoating wheels I'd...
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    Autoglym SRP

    Have use AG SRP on many a car. Works best on lighter colour paint, good for filling small scratches but no miracle cure.
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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Started a long overdue (I blame the previous owners!) interior clean. Scrubbed the seatbelts, ditto the interior (not the leather), found 20p under the seats - result!! Rummaged around in the garage to find the auto-glym leather cleaner + conditioner I bought on special offer at Halfords. More...
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    R129 wind deflector wanted

    Thanks chaps, appreciate the replies above. I had in mind the storage case, gather this might be a long shot. Have replied PMs, hopefully will have less wind blowing through my bald patch shortly!
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    R129 wind deflector wanted

    Bit out of my league, but very nice car:thumb:
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    R129 wind deflector wanted

    Has anyone got a R129 wind deflector to sell please? Ideally looking for an original (Oris?) with cover/ bag but anything considered.
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    Pledge review

    Just found this thread after watching an old science programme I'd saved on Sky - whether Tutankhamun was the subject of a botched mummification and spontaneously combusted due to the linseed oil used for his embalming catching fire. Couldn't help thinking of the embalmers being given a...
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    ISA limit increased from budget

    The Chancellor has woken up to the fact that there is an election next year, and that savers have votes. Bring on the decent interest rates???
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    Unusual cars to drive

    Back in the 90s I took my missus to the local Skoda dealer to pick up her ex-demo Favorit estate - we ran this as the kids taxi/ footy team bus for a few years, did us proud long before Skoda became VAG. I was then driving my 1963 Rover P4 and the owner of the Skoda garage had the entire team...
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    Interesting R129 Video

    I'd really like to watch this but living in rural North Norfolk means that my computer runs with the speed of a sloth on beta-blockers. "Superfast Broadband" my ****!! I can get the youtube video to run but ultra slow and the audio track is pants. Big favour to ask but if anyone could somehow...
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    Best practises for high mileage

    My Mk 2 Golf "daily driver" is going strong with 180,000 + on the clock. No secrets, just regular services with quality engine oil and don't ignore minor problems until they turn into something worse. I live in the sticks so can't keep a car clean in the winter. I give the cars a proper-job...
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    A Bit Of An Update On My Guitar Hero

    Agree with the above - as an aspiring guitarist hampered by joint problems (starting to play in mid-50s is at least 40 years too late!) I can only admire your lad's obvious talent. Encourage him to keep playing and not get locked into a specific genre - working musos have to be able to play all...
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    eating out on your own in a restaurant.

    Sometimes work away so singleton noshing goes with the territory; never worried about it. I usually take a book or fire up the laptop.
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    Any great business ideas?

    I'm working on something similar to Friends Reunited. Basically, we source your address and pass it on to that complete bast*rd who made your life hell at school/ college/ first job, unless you pay us £xx per month. Bullies Reunited anyone?
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    I doubt eBay will allow this for too long...

    Err, anyone know how to clear "recently viewed items" from my eBay summary?
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    SPEED. with Guy Martin

    Better than Clarkson & co! Best thing on telly.
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    Self defence and standing your ground: your view?

    I was going to ask Tony Martin for his views on this question but according to his Facebook status he's "Gone away for New Year, back soon." Any burglars reading this? Go on, I dare you!!
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    Will You Put Your Hand Up To A Stupid Moment?

    Many years ago in my first week at work I managed to do the same trick with the stapler (press on the bottom plate with thumb over the business end = ouch). Even more stupidly, I was using WD40 to try and free off a seized nut and the can ceased to work... so I raised the can to eye level...
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    Sweeping brush.

    I use the jetwash on the garage forecourt to clean away the worst of the mud etc from the lower body panels, wheels + arches and then wash the car at home with a washmitt. I've never used the brush at the jetwash after seeing a builder use it to scrub out the back of his pickup.
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