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    Tinted windows?

    Wrench Studios in hayes.
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    New (to me) C63 W04 Coupe. Map?

    If you close to mb guildford they fixed mine.
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    Show us your W204...

    My 2012 C63 PPP
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    M156 tuning question

    I got 555HP recently at MSL but I do have full IPE.
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    London recommendation - cracked rim

    First aid wheels used them many times on many different cars.
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    MSL and Arl coachworks

    Acid is a top man.
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    A45 AMG buying pointers

    These are super fun thats all you need to know.
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    Great Day at MSL.............

    Sounds interesting
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    What do you use to dry your car

    Take your car out for a blast?
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    Used Ftype V8 R or New C63S Coupe

    As in title what would you go for. I was set on new 63 coupes but saw prices in f type have come down alot. what would you go far.
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    How does insurance work.

    As I've had 2 policies in last 4 years I earn double ncb
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    How does insurance work.

    Hi, Both my cars are miles apart from each other one is 80hp daily and one is 500+hp toy but.... 1) 2008 Corsa SXI 1.2 (my first car will never sell it) Costs me £987 with 4 years NCB. 2) 2012 C63 Coupe PP costs me £1100 with 6 years NCB. I asked insurance why its such a small difference...
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    I'm out!

    Ahh, must have feature for me
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    I'm out!

    Does it come with panoramic roof
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    My E63 wrapped by yiannimize in nardo high gloss grey,

    doesnt gloss wraps give orange peel effect
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    PITA Neighbours

    Mate they are just jealous. If your car is quieter than stock cls63 then dont worry.
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    Best internet

    Just had long conversation with virgin over the phone was having same issue they said its not wifi its modem not getting connection due to "issues which engeringer is going to fix by tomorrow" yea right. They will send me new super hub 3 and upgraded my package to 200MB gamer something...
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    Best internet

    I called them keep saying they doing maintenance work but they been saying that for two months, Im not thinking of "upgrading" to their no data mangement service. Im paying close to £75 already for just phone and broadband I feel like im being ripped off, never works properly.
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    Best internet

    Hey guys little off topic subject. I currently have Virgin top broadband 200MB but in evenings it struggles to manage when everyone home with wifi games console etc. What would be better alternative ok I wont get 200MB but at least I can browse web easily.
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    I love my AMG - But what next?

    Im saving up for new r8 v10 plus hoping to get one by march.
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