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    w124 expert needed

    crankshaft position sensor. i had same symptom on a clk 55. replaced it and now its ok
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    W203 C200k engine management light with 2 codes

    check the exhaust manifold edge for crack ,that can cause o2sensor error. the pedal sensor always double for safety the second is half the resistance/voltage value.stardiag tells you that
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    C203K exhaust manifold problems

    I had the same prob years out to get access to nuts
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    supercharger not working

    cool a1ek, smart and cheap repair. when I was talking about the carbon layer I meant thr resistor layer on my pcb inside the is a carbon layer like a potmeter. traveling distance of the contact copper gives a certain resistance to the ecu to decide position.
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    Odd Kompressor power problem, one for the boffins?

    I had intermittent fault on my c200. disassembled the valve elec. 5 litle copper fingers sliding on it and scraped off the electrocarbon layer causing the trouble. bought some acrylic based electrocarbon paint.fillrd the holes and tadam works fine
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    w203 aircon

    reset can be done with two buttons is your friend
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    w203 aircon

    condenser replacement, had the same prob.kwik fit useless. will be expensive.look for oil traces on it.
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    supercharger not working

    condition of the diverter flap pcb?carbon layer thickness and resistance?
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    Odd Kompressor power problem, one for the boffins?

    pcb in divert gate? worn carbon layer?
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    supercharger not working

    stardiag is the asnswer!
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    Manual A class gears

    cost few pounds an an easy diy
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    Manual A class gears

    linkage.little black plastic.engine bay right side near firewall
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    Supercharger Playing Up

    where about you are?i would try stardiag first
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    stardiag problem

    socket ok as I tried with simple elm327 obd,works with that.clk is a w208 model 113 engine. convertible
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    stardiag problem

    Hi, I have a C3 and tried to diagnose a CLK55 AMG, came back with a communication error to the ECU.I have tried it with a simple OBD reader that was ok.Tried the C3 on my C200 it was fine ,also working on another C200.Any ideas?
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    2005 Class C230K Sounds like its going to cut out

    put it on stardiag
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    C32 AMG transmision problems

    I always wanted a c32.I think I have changed my mind.Rather stick with my c200.
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    Advise for dianostic software

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    epc malfunction

    I would go for a proper readout with stardiag first
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    Help me diagnose the problem

    actuator likely a worn broken linkage on actuator.i can put it on stardiag.if actuator then it is about 11-12hours job to disassemble the dashboard and to put back
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